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Dangerous Deceptions - Careful What They Tell You

Wolves in sheep's clothing!

These days there are many organizations and people who are trying to claim in light of heavy criticism that they TOO are involved in protecting Akha Traditional Culture.  Accept no imitations.  These people have for years exploited the moneys of western church missions and have sold their people at every turn of the road.   Destroyed culture means destroyed identity, children who have no notion of who they are and where they came from.  Children who can't even speak their own Akha Language.
Many mission boarding schools claim that the Akha children are orphans, when in fact they are not, and are better off in their community. But this deception is how these missions make their money.  The donor does not know these details.
If you have any questions about an NGO or mission or individual as to where they stand in the defense and representation of Akha culture just send us an email and we will find out.  They either support and carry out the Annual Akha Ceremonies and have a ceremonial rice box in their house, or the DON'T! It is that easy.
There are only TWO organizations that we currently recognize as PRO AKHA!
Afect - Chiangrai
Impect - Chiangamai
We will post any organization that can show they qualify as PRO AKHA!
Mission and many NGO organizations and people are DEFINITELY NOT fighting to save and protect Akha knowledge, traditional life and culture. However while exclaiming how poor the Akha are and how much they need help they have heaped to themselves lives of comfort off moneys that donors intended to help the Akha.  They may say they are Christian (as in white bread) but even then do not follow the teachings of Jesus. 
There are more than 100 mission organizations in the Chiangrai area which claim they are here to help the Akha. What an incredible display of wealth. What and who would they help and where would they get all their money if there were no Akha?
That is nearly one mission for every three Akha villages, yet the Akha get nothing.

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