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Day 86 - Santa Barbara
We pick up more grain for Hampton.
Day 86 - Santa Barbara

Day 85 - Santa Barbara
I spend the day getting Hampton situated and bringing back the family to Santa Barbara.
Day 85 - Santa Barbara

Day 84 - Santa Barbara
To avoid the narrow road that 154 is known to be, we ride west on Refugio road and water Hampton at a pond up on top. Then we climb again on Camino Ceilo til we drop down again to San Marcos Road which we take into Santa Barbara. But the road is brutal and both Hampton and I are good and tired. Later I meet a woman who offers to put Hampton up and then I go back for the bus.
Day 84 - Santa Barbara

Day 83 - Los Olivos Hampton Gets Shoes
Today Mike Deleonardo does a great job putting shoes on Hampton, but most notably he makes a point of finding out what it is we want done, how we want the job done. Probably the best pair of shoes I have ever had put on a horse. The job takes most of the day as he had to make shoes since he didn't carry Haampton's size. A good video
Day 83 Los Olivos

Day 82 - Los Olivos
After a long day yesterday, traveling 36 miles on foot, with Ah Soh and Hampton, we take rest today.
Day 82 - Los Olivos

Day 81 -The trip to Los Olivos

Day 81 - Los Olivos

Day 80 - Santa Maria
Filming the events of the day from morning until night.
Day 80 - Santa Maria

Day 79 - San Luis Obispo
A discussion of what a day is like, all that has to be done from morning until late at night.
Day 79 - San Luis Obispo

Day 78 - San Luis Obispo
I go back to Cambria and pick up the bus and then get a day of rest.
Day 78 - San Luis Obispo

Day 77 - San Luis Obispo
May 21, 2009
Another long day, further from the Coast, a bit inland, home to Cal Poly, and quite a few ranches. We get offered to stay at a ranch that looks straight out of a Louis L'Amour book.
Day 77 - San Luis Obispo

Day 76 - Cambria
May 20, 2009
We reach Cambria, where we can afford to buy the food, a small and friendly town, we stay behind and get some rest.
Day 76 - Cambria

Day 75 - San Simeon, California
May 19, 2009
Past Gorda (more high rip off prices) and past Ragged Point we ride through the dark to reach San Simeon and be off the winding coast rock highway.
Day 75 - San Simeon

Day 74 - Lucia No Good
May 18, 2009
We ride 25 long twisting coastal miles to Lucia, California. A bit tired of greedy store owners, we ask if there is a place down the cliff where its dirty and flat, where we can put Hampton for the night, before we spend our money. The lady, for whom we just got done answering lots of questions about our trip, said, "I'm sorry, I can't give you permission to do that. There is a place eight miles up the road." Well, we couldn't spend our money there either, so I said, "Well, I guess we will just keep going." This video is for the people of Lucia, California, high prices, small mentality, still blessed with a beautiful coast, a place where people want to visit and be treated well.
Day 74 - Lucia No Good

Day 73 - Big Sur
May 17, 2009
Down the coast on highway 1 to Big Sur. Sunday, lots of bikers, nice weather and beautiful ocean views. We end up at Big Sur where Jolly, the owner of the store there, lets us put Hampton on some grass, we really appreciate this. We have a good long ways to go in a few days, so we are feeding Hampton as much as he needs. He really moved along today, after getting a good rest.
Day 73 - Big Sur

Day 72 - Monterey
May 16, 2009
Our final day in Monterey, we took one trip to Santa Cruz, and then cleaned the bus, got ready for Big Sur. Hampton is eating a lot, and we are a week to ten days from Santa Barbara.
Day 72 - Monterey

Day 71 - Monterey Aquarium
May 15, 2009
A journalist arranged tickets for the kids and we were able to go to the Monterey Aquarium. The kids had a fantastic time, picking out all their favorite fish and animals. It is obvious from the work done how tremendous energy it takes to keep the Aquarium going and keeping all the fish and other animals fed and healthy. Our appreciation.
Day 71 - Monterey Aquarium

Half Moon Bay Review and Santa Cruz Sentinel Run Articles on Ride for Freedom
May 15, 2009
Two well done articles on the Ride for Freedom, getting the word out there, people have been really good to us.

Half Moon Bay Review:
Half Moon Bay Review Article

Santa Cruz Sentinel Article:
Santa Cruz Sentinel Article

We'd like to thank Ann and Greg for their work on these stories.

Did Richard P. Haugland at Starfish Country Home Send the Akha Kids Home?
May 15, 2009
We are hearing now, via a newsletter that Richard P. Haugland sent some of his Akha girls home, that he now only has Lisu and Hmong children, no more Akha kids. That is half good news but what about the Lisu and Hmong kids? Why doesn't this freak spend his money to keep the kids in good stead with their own families?

Did Bobby Morse Pay Off the Families in Sex Abuse Case?
May 15, 2009
We have heard for two weeks that a lot of cash was flying around in the case of Bobby Morse's arrest for rape of hill tribe girls at his home. We now hear that he has bought off the families, in order to alter the outcome of the case. In a country where family monthly income might be $50, it shouldn't be hard to do. But as in other cases, this case is hardly likely to die before Bobby Morse. What is odd about this case is the press blackout.

We hope Bobby Morse gets what is coming to him, along with all the other missionaries who take away hill tribe children.

Rotten Ray Retez:
Somethin' Stinks at the Whole Enchilada - Moss Landing
May 14, 2009
In more than two months of crawling nearly a thousand miles by horseback and bus, we never met anyone as rotten as Ray Retez at the Whole Enchilada in Moss Landing. We rode into the small community early in the morning and started looking for a lot with some grass where Hampton could feed and rest. We haul lots of grain but a good green grass mix he enjoys. There were plenty of grass lots but we were told Jan Retez owned most of them, nearly all of them and she was "gone". We stopped by the restaurant on the highway, and asked the employees we could find, if we could tie the horse up at the back lot near the inlet. They said that was ok, and though there wasn't much grass we had our own hay and grain. All the help was Hispanic that we met. They were very pleasant. Later we asked about it again to check and make sure and one of the workers said he spoke with the elderly owner and it was still ok, no problem. At the back lot there wasn't any problem that Hampton could cause.

I of course had never met Ray Retez. Or anyone like him.

I went into his restaurant and had a bit of dinner. When I came out about an hour later to check on the family and bus he met me in the parking lot and said, "Is that your bus?" I replied it was and asked him again if it would all be ok? "No, you can't keep your bus here or the horse."

"I asked the employees and they said it would be ok, but just wanted to check with you."

"No, its not ok, my employees (Hispanics) don't have any say about anything. And just so you know, I own everything here in Moss Landing, all the land."

"Well, its almost dark but I will saddle up the horse and leave, not a problem." And that is what we did, riding and walking another five miles that evening further towards Monterey.

I am not sure who this rotten Ray is used to dealing with, but we don't like how he refers to his Hispanic help as some lower class group of people. Further, someone who would make someone move a resting horse isn't much of a man. Maybe Ray Retez can trade all he owns in for a deposit on his own soul, if he knows how to take it with him.

But we won't be recommending the Rotten Enchilada to anyone, nor Moss Landing.

Day 70 - Monterey, California
We make an easy day of it and get to Monterey about noon. We find a place to empty sanitary tanks, check in about the Aquarium and get Hampton all set up with a place to rest and eat.
Day 70 - Monterey

Day 69 - Moss Landing
We get into Moss Landing early, but have a hard time finding anyone who will let a horse eat the weeds in several of the overgrown yards of old empty houses. We stop at the Whole Enchilada and ask if we can put the hrose in the back lot near the inlet. The employees, Hispanic, tell us it is ok, but after we have some dinner, I see the owner Rey and ask him again. "No you can't keep your horse here." Despite the fact it is already late I move Hampton further south towards Monterey.

I will make a point of avoiding the Whole Enchilada.
Day 69 Moss Landing

Day 68 - Santa Cruz
We have a good ride into Santa Cruz, a very friendly town.
The Santa Cruz Sentinel also writes up a good story about our trip.
Another one also came out in this week's Half Moon Bay paper, also good.
Day 68 Santa Cruz

Day 67 - Davenport
May 11, 2009
A long ride down the coast, lots of wind, too much, but finally a great stop at Davenport. Hey, were you the guy that got run off the Golden Gate Bridge?
Day 67 Davenport, California

Day 66 - Pescadero
May 10, 2009
Great little town, Pescadero, make sure you stop by and eat at Duartes.
Day 66 - Pescadero

Day 65 - Half Moon Bay and Why People Call the Cops When They See a Horse?
May 9, 2009
We see a lot of cops. Why? Because people call them about a horse that is on the road, well, not exactly, sort of near the road, loose in a field, well maybe not loose after all, but darn, there is a horse there and I can see it, so call 911.
Day 65 - Half Moon Bay

Day 64 - Half Moon Bay and a Bit on Courtesy
May 8, 1009
So we get out some flyers in Half Moon Bay.
Day 64 - Half Moon Bay

Day 63 Half Moon Bay, California and Ellen Bruno
May 7, 2009
We get together with Ellen Bruno who comes down from San Francisco and we all join together at Gail's house and catch up on the many years of working with the Akha since Ellen and I met in Maesai in 1991. The kids all had a good day and even got their first cowboy hats, about time.

I spent part of the day trying to track down an electrical problem on the bus that keeps burning out a rear running light bulb every six weeks. They are 24 volt, they cost about $8 a piece. Not able to locate the problem, I had to go ahead and order more for a precaution, as one needs more than one rear running light on a big bus.

Ellen and I decided that we will add some letters to the bus, "Ride for Freedom" which we have, adding on below it, "for the Akha Hill Tribe People".

Then I got another set of spurs today since I had lost a rowell and then lost the other spur in a Scotch broom thicket south of Laytonville. We have yet to build up our grain supply and alfalfa on the bus again, we do that next. We also need more business cards and flyers to hand out. Anyone who can help cover that cost is greatly appreciated.

Day 63 - Half Moon Bay

Day 62 Half Moon Bay, California
We have a great time and a great rest at Gail and Beth's place, lots of green grass, fun for the kids, goats, rabbits, cats, dogs, a large African tortoise, snakes, hummingbirds, finches and more.
Day 62 - Half Moon Bay

Day 61 Half Moon Bay, California
Hampton and I head to Pacifica and take the old Higgins Road up behind Devil's Slide and down to Half Moon Bay. Hampton proves over and over to be a wonderful horse. I dismount, and we run straight down off the mountain on a trail to Hwy 1, Hampton careful to not run over me or past me.

Day 60 San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, California
We put Hampton up at a Sunset Condo, and the family enjoys the day hiking out on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Day 59 San Francisco, California
The Golden Gate Bridge
We walk and ride to the Golden Gate Bridge. The bridge cops act like fools. We take the bicycle side, where according to the press there are an increasing number of accidents due to biker arrogance and gross overspeed on this walkway. We encounter it, bicycles going way to fast. At any rate, we get a third of the way across the Golden Gate Bridge without any problem till a Golden Gate Rental Cop (yes, the really dumb kind) pulls along the guardrail in traffick and stops his car and uses the PA to tell us to stop, which we kindly do. Then the COP calls on the radio, having succeeded in doing this, and asks what he should do next. The radio guy says, "Let him go ahead". So he tells me that and I get back on Hampton and take off again going south. I reach the first huge Golden Gate tower. The the cop comes drives forward again and yells, "Hey Cowboy, Stop that horse". Once again we patiently deel with this dumb rental cop. "They say you have to walk back to the north side." So we do. But meanwhile, having caused no harm, we watch as the rental cop has tied up the entire south bound with his car. The pedestrians on the opposite railing on the east side of the bridge are enthusiastically taking pictures and video. We get back to the north side and the Sgt. Bill Sangregory is there. We will publish his name later. He says, "can't cross". II point out that it is not posted, the horse is totally safe, his worker has tied up the bridge due to an incompetent response, and Hampton has promised not to jump off the bridge. He says that we can't do it. Can't explain why, just "regulations". I ask him for an escort across either side. He is not willing to work with me. California Highway Patrol, most of whom I know by now says, "Let him walk the horse across". Bridge Sgt refuses. I ask him how many suicides he has a week? He says at least two, I ask him why he hasn't been able to stop these known hazards and deaths, yet a horse walking with an escort, can't happen? And daily bicycle wrecks of course. In the end, the bridge Sgt. shows no flexibility or capacity to work with anyone despite the fact that all kinds of things go on with this bridge that he fails to control. So we call a friend and truck Hampton to the Golden Gate Park and get on with it.
No Place for Incompetent Journalists - Just the FACTS Miss

An incompetent journalist Suzanne Espinosa Solis puts our picture in the San Francisco Chronicle, monday's bay section, and says that the CHP stopped us, but in fact it was the bridge cops, the CHP is much more competent than that. At least they work with people. But maybe the fact that the San Francisco Chronicle can't get anything factually correct has something to do with why they are on their death bed?

We catch up with our great friend Ellen Bruno, who we first met while working with the Akha in Maesai, Thailand back in the early 90's, out of which came Ellen's film, "Sacrifice".

Day 58 Novato, California
Santa Rosa feels humanly "cold" to us so we keep riding to Petaluma, where people are not interested to let Hampton eat the grass, so we move on all night to Novato, where we rest and keep moving towards San Francisco.

Day 57 Windsor, California
The children put together some Akha songs for you.

Day 56 Windsor, California
The rains come and we rest two days in Windsor, California.

Day 55 - Geyserville, California
Wine and Western town, we enjoy getting further into wine country, and around Geyserville are some of the oldest wineries.

Arrested Missionary Bobby Morse Claims Rape Charges Are False
May 2, 2009
This photo of Bobby seen on a Thai discussion forum in Thailand.
Bobby's continued requests for money and travels with wife to China etc, suggest his confidence that this case will go away.

The American missionary in Thailand arrested on allegations of raping several hill tribe girls in his residential school, has claimed on his website that he is totally innocent.
North Burma Christian Mission

Informants in Chiangmai say that other missionaries at this same mission are also suspected of similar conduct. But meanwhile, back at the impoverished villages sources say money is being bounced around like loose rice to get the girls to recant, or alter their story. Given the disparity of wealth between the entire Morse clan and the average hill tribe family, it is little wonder.

Oregon Congressman Wu's office requested the US Embassy to provide information regarding the investigation of this case in regards to the "Protect Act of 2003" which requires the investigation of such cases by US nationals, but the US Embassy in Bangkok replied they didn't have to give any information because of the Privacy Act. Oh, so now the Privacy Act is more important that the Protect Act, and a simple reply, YES, according to the law, we ARE looking at this case like we look at EVERY case or some stupid dull answer like that, that shows at least a small quantity of accountability.

Day 54 - Cloverdale, California
Google April 28, 2009
We rode late into Cloverdale, and got rest as best we could. I hitchhiked back in the morning of April 29 to Ukiah and moved the bus. Behind the Chevron station in south Cloverdale there is a field, there is a big dirt circle cut around a tree where trucks turn around and then pull out. I tied Hampton to that tree and got some sleep underneath it. But first I bought some dinner in the Chevron. In the morning I went to a nearby house to ask them if I could tie him closer to their house while I went for the bus.

When I got back the two hundred yards, there were three police cars parked near the horse. (7am or so)

The first officer out said, "Why is your horse here?" I told him I got in at 1am, found the south end of town, got something to eat in the Chevron and parked the horse near this tree in an empty field, and got some rest.

"Well you just don't ride into town and PUT YOUR HORSE ON SOMEONE'S PROPERTY WITHOUT ASKING PERMISSION." "Oh, well maybe it would be better if I just rode to Santa Rosa rather than stop in [an empty field] Cloverdale," I replied. "It's very unusual to see a horse in town."

I made it clear I didn't want to stay where I wasn't wanted, especially having the horse eat some grass in a field, so I moved the horse down in front of a shop, and went back for the bus.

My apology to the good people of Cloverdale that I didn't get any time to take a look at their pleasant community. We have a good time where ever we go and don't harbor any hard feelings.

Day 54 - Cloverdale, California

Day 53 - Ukiah, California
April 27, 2009
Remember, you can make a difference for the Akha people. Call the Thai Consul and complain about the Queen of Thailand taking the land of the Akha, and the removal of Akha children by missionaries who pay the government to be in the country in the first place.

Today we had a great day in Ukiah. We got some time on
We'd like to say thanks to Tamara Drake for coming out and the video compilation she put together absolutely rocks for an introduction about our work with the Akha, Thanks so much Tamara! One of the best interview results we have seen on TV. And thank you for the strawberries, if you look hard, Ah Soh is still smiling about that.

We also had a radio interview with KZYX.

Lots of people came by and saw the horse, people really enjoy petting Hampton, bringing him water feeding him grass by hand, carrots, and Hampton really enjoys it too. It is like therapy, we watch it every day, people who have lost contact with the nature around them, pressed in by society, consumer society. The horses have gotten pushed off the road, the automobile culture acts like kings and in a kind of way it has become a crime in this country to travel by any mode other than the car. We notice it a lot, there is no room on the roads, not for bicycles, not for us, and we can take to the sticks, but most of all there is not room for people. The whole culture has abandoned people in favor of the car, and we all lost something and its time we get it back. A 100,000 horsemen need to ride from the west coast to Wash. DC and make a few changes in this country. A country with no room for horses doesn't have much freedom left.

I should say, anyone who wants to join in on the ride is welcome, just bring a well shod horse (borium) and your bed roll.

Day 53 Ukiah, California

And to the Queen of Thailand, you need to give back ALL THE LAND OF THE AKHA PEOPLE.

Bobby Morse, the missionary in Thailand who was arrested for allegations that he sexually abused hill tribe girls in his care is claiming that he is totally innocent. Let us wait and see how this comes out in court. We have requested that the State Department comment on the "Protect Act" in this case. We are waiting for our answer.

Speaking of missionaries, we would like to reprint a demand letter from the Native Peoples of Canada to the Pope at Rome over abuses and deaths of Native children in Canada.

From: Eagle Strong Voice
Subject: Statement from tribal elders in Canada regarding the Pope's "apology" for Catholic residential school crimes
Date: Sunday, April 26, 2009, 12:48 AM

25 April, 2009
Squamish Nation territory, west coast of Canada

To the people of Italy, from a gathering of clan elders of aboriginal nations in Canada

Dear friends,

We greet you warmly and ask that you receive this message and take it to heart, for it is spoken on behalf of tens of thousands of our relatives, little children, who died and were killed in boarding schools run by the Roman Catholic church across Canada.

Between 1890 and 1996, over 50,000 aboriginal children died in the Indian residential schools across Canada mostly because of the Roman Catholic church, which established and ran over two-thirds of these "schools". Many of these children died from beatings, tortures, being deliberately exposed to deadly diseases and not helped, and other deliberate homicidal actions.

Not one person has ever been brought to trial for the death of any of these children, and the Catholic church refuses to say where these children or buried or how they died.

This week, the Pope, Joseph Ratzinger, will be issuing a so-called "apology" for the harm caused in these Indian residential schools. We do not accept his apology, for genocide and mass murder cannot be apologized for, or made better with words.

Instead, we ask the Pope to take full responsibility for the murderous acts of his church over centuries towards our peoples.

We demand that the Pope do the following, to prove that he is genuinely regretful for the deeds of his church in the Canadian Indian residential schools:

1. Identify where the children are buried who died in these Catholic schools, and order that their remains be returned home to their families for a proper burial;

2. Identify and surrender the persons responsible for their deaths;

3. Fully disclose all evidence related to their deaths, and to crimes in the residential schools, by opening the Vatican archives and all other church records for public scrutiny;

4. Revoke the papal bulls known as Romanus Pontifex (1455) and Inter Catera (1493), and all other laws which gave religious and legal sanction to the conquest and destruction of non-Christian aboriginal peoples in the New World;

5. Revoke the Vatican policy, crafted in part by the present Pope, which requires that Bishops and priests suppress evidence of the abuse of children within their churches and silence the victims;

6. Come in person to Canada, to the poorest neighbourhoods where Indian residential school survivors live, and ask these people for their forgiveness for the genocidal actions and policies of his church, and pledge publicly that these actions and policies will never be repeated, and finally,

7. Present himself in person before an International War Crimes Tribunal into Genocide in Canada, and answer charges that he and his church are responsible and liable for the destruction and deaths of untold millions of aboriginal people.

We believe that these demands on the Pope, Joseph Ratzinger, are fair and just, and are those to be expected if justice is to be served and God honored.

In making these demands, we publicly disassociate ourselves from the so-called aboriginal leader from Canada, "Chief" Phil Fontaine, who will appear with the Pope as part of this "apology". Mr. Fontaine does not represent aboriginal people in Canada, but serves the Canadian government. He never consulted our elders or any aboriginal people before going to Rome.

We ask that the Italian people pressure the Pope and the Catholic church to agree to these demands. We also ask that you learn more about the Canadian genocide at the website below, and to contact our organization, The Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared, whose representatives will be visiting your country in September and October.

In the spirit of truth and brotherhood, we are

Twelve Elders in Council representing the Cree, Squamish, Haida, Metis and Anishinabe Aboriginal Nations

Elder Jeremiah Jourdain
Chief Louis Daniels (Whispers Wind)
Council spokespeople

contact: Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared
c/o Eagle Strong Voice (Kevin Annett)
260 Kennedy St.
Nanaimo, B.C. Canada V9R 2H8
ph: 250-753-3345

Day 52 - Ukiah, California
April 26, 2009
I take a day to really REST and get my mind back after riding 100 miles in three days. The kids get to play and enjoy a walk around town.

Day 51 - Ukiah, California
April 25, 2009
I ride another day on the old rails and drop down into Ukiah, a town I have been looking forward to. The weather has changed again, and the mountains give way to low lands and more heat. We will spend a couple of days here.

Day 51 - Ukiah

Day 50 - Willits, California
Today is a bit easier, we take the old rail tracks. Hampton does well on railroad bridges and tunnels, watch where you step.
Day 50 - Willits

Day 49 - Laytonville, California
I start out walking from Garberville at 1 am. Its 50 miles to Laytonville, will be a very long day.
Day 49 - Laytonville

Day 48 - Garberville, California
We enjoy our last day in Garberville before heading further south.
Day 48 - Garberville

Day 47 - Garberville, California
April 21, 2009
Another hot day, Hampton and I take a ride to Redway, California and get an interview with KMUD radio.

Day 47 Garberville, California

Day 46 - Garberville, California
April 20, 2009
We take an easy day off, lots of heat, keep Hampton with food and water, and check in on the Bobby Morse case in Thailand.

Under the Child "Protect Act" of 2003 Americans can be prosecuted for sex crimes against children in foreign countries. Where is the US Embassy on this case and why is Bobby Morse immune? A few congressmen want to know as well. How about your's?

Day 46 - Garberville, California

Day 45 - Garberville, California
April 19, 2009
Day 45 - Garberville, California

The road coming out of the Redwoods is long and hot, the climate change line from the cool north.

We enjoy a break at the Eel River and Hampton goes for a dunk, this horse isn't kidding around when it comes to water.

Day 44 - Weott, California
April 18, 2009
The kids join in for taking turns riding and walking south through the cool redwoods of California.

We make Weott by nightfall.

Day 44 - Weott, California

Day 43 - Scotia, California
April 17, 2009
We find the redwood town of Scotia, California. America's last Company Town?
Just about to enter the Avenue of the Giants, a road through the redwoods, we stop in this charming town.

Day 43 - Scotia, California

Day 42 - Fortuna, California
Day 42 - Fortuna, California
April 16, 2009
After getting rousted by the Sheriff when Eureka Air Heating and Sheet Metal calls them 'cause Hampton is eating grass and wants him impounded, we skip visiting Eureka and move on to Fortuna. Quickly leaving a bad taste behind us, we head into the rolling hills of horse country as we head for San Francisco and wine country. White rail fences, green grass everywhere, we make a delightful trip over a mountain road through the back country to arrive in the evening in Fortuna, a small friendly town, just like we like them. The kids make a joke about the town's name because someone gave us a case of "tuna". No harm intended.

Hampton is feeling good, everyone is asking what the bus is about, what "A-K-H-A" means. Weather is nice, and getting warmer.

Day 41 - Eureka, California
We make Eureka in what is an easier travel day, and settle Hampton down in a field.

Day 41 - Eureka, California

Bobby Morse Arrest Update:
April 15, 2009
Yes, Robert Moss as arrested and Bobby Morse are the same guy. Here the photos confirm it.
You can go here to see the Bobby Morse website:
North Burma Christian Mission

Please follow the links, look at the budgets the various blog entries are asking for, what the associated misssions are raising - asking for, some over $600,000.

This web page will probably be taken down after a while, "quickly taken down" adds to the admission of guilt, but a few people are not going to want their family pics up there after a bit I would guess. We have written a few of them.

Day 40
Arcata, California
April 14, 2009
Tonight we have a presentation at Humboldt State University about Akha Human Rights in Thailand.

Turnout was good, thanks for coming.

Thanks to all the good people of Arcata, and to the Arcata Eye which did a story.

Day 40 - Arcata, California

Day 39
Arcata, California
April 13, 200
We move the bus and rest up in sunny but windy Arcata, California.

Day 39 - Arcata, California

Day 38
Arcata, California
April 2009
We ride for Arcata, a long day ending in a drenching mist, but Hampton lands on deep grass at Arcata, and I settled down soaked for a night on horse blankets and the saddle for a pillow, good enough.

Day 38 Arcata, California

Day 37
Orick, California
April 11, 2009
I ride down the coast and then when I got to the next town, the hospitality was as good as ever.
Special thanks to Jerry at the Palms Cafe.

This is a short video about our day and how it went.

Day 37 Orick, California

Day 36
Klamath, California
April 10l 2009
We had a good day. Ah Soh rode and walked with me 20 miles to Klamath and the Rez of the Yurok Indians, one of whom put up Hampton in his yard.

Day 36 - Yurok Klamath, California

Day 35
Crescent City, California
Day 35 - Crescent City, California April 9, 2009
We thank the Crescent City Triplicate for the nice front page photo of Michu.

Today we are meeting with Leila, the sister of our dear passed friend, Joe Cooke, who supported our work in Thailand during very hard years.

And today we are getting the shoes replaced on Hampton.

The shoer, Bill Adams came out in the afternoon and did a great job of shoeing Hampton, in the rain, while the three boys watched. We could not have asked for better service on such short notice especially.

Our friend Leila, sister to good ole Joe Cooke, came down as planned, and that was really great to meet her and her husband Phil. She also sent by Ray who cooks meals for the homeless in Crescent City and who has a great heart for helping people. He reminds me of Brother David in Jerusalem.


Day 34
Crescent City, California
April 8, 2009
After a lift back to Cave Junction for the bus by Clark and Patty Mann, Cherokees from Oklahoma, I move the bus and family down into California. We stop and have a good time looking at the massive redwoods at Simpson Grove.
Day 34 Crescent City

Day 33
Crescent City, California
April 7, 2009
After a long narrow road I finally arrive at the Redwoods, magnificent trees, and then on to Crescent City, California.
Day 33 Crescent City, California

Day 32
Patrick Creek, California
April 6, 2009
I head into California with Hampton. I have been warned the road is narrow and difficult.
Day 32 Patrick Creek, California

Day 31
Cave Junction, Oregon
April 5, 2009
Today we take some time to explore downtown Cave Junction and visit with friends.
Day 31 Cave Junction

Day 30
Cave Junction, Oregon
April 4, 2009
We ride and walk for Cave Junction, Oregon, a beautiful day, Hampton has lots of energy, and the land is definitely turning into California.

An old Vietnam Vet walked up to us and apologized for all the stuff that happened to the hill tribe during the war in Vietnam and Laos. That is a first.

Day 30 Cave Junction

Day 29
Grants Pass, Oregon First Friday
April 3, 2009
Here is our video from the street music of First Friday in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Day 29 Grants Pass First Friday

Day 28
Grants Pass, Oregon
April 3, 2009
Investigation continues into the arrest and subsequent release of Church of Christ Missionary Bobby Morse for child sex abuse in Thailand. Where is the US Embassy in this case?

Join us for First Friday here in Grants Pass, Oregon in what will be a video posted on the internet for the 29th day of the ride for freedom.

Below is the 28 Day Ride for Freedom Video.

Day 28 Grants Pass, Oregon

In Grants Pass, as in other towns and cities of Oregon, we have had the chance to explore and meet so many gifted people, people aware of their world, interested to know more, and willing to help connect us to many others. Grants Pass has one of the nicest downtown areas, the way businesses are built, the care to preserve the area and attract visitors. Many of the businesses have been very good to us. Grants pass has mild weather, is surrounded by close up mountains, and has a good tourism, retirement and arts community. Unfortunately many people in Grants Pass are unemployed right now, so we hope that things get better for them soon.


Day 27
Grants Pass, Oregon
April 1, 2009
The Queen of Thailand: Give back the land of the Akha people!
We had a great day in Grants Pass, meeting many people, got a strong article in the Daily Courier and a tasty dinner at a local restaurant courtesy of a Peace Corps doctor who had been in Burma recently.

The weather is great, Hampton is up and running, brimming with energy, the best he's handled in months, and rounding out very well.

We still see a lot of hits on the website, at least a hundred a day on the home page, but not much in the way of donations. Maybe YOU will make a difference. Our needs are horse feed, diesel and food.

This is our route:
Crescent City, Arcada, Redding, Chico, Oroville, Marysville, Sacramento, Stockton, Fresno, Bakersfield, LA, Riverside, Palm Springs, Phoenix, Texas, New Orleans, Atlanta, DC, New York. If you know people along the way who can help or would like a presentation, please make the connection.

(article from the Grants Pass Daily Courier, Oregon, April 1, 2009)

Day 27 Grants Pass, Oregon

Phaedophile Kings
Robert Moss - aka Bobby Morse Sex Abuse Story Being Covered Up

Research on the internet and local advisors tell me that Mr Bobby Morse is well known in Northern Thailand and Myanmar, particularly Yangon for his continuous work with the Church of Christ, various orphanages and youth training centres.

Mr. Morse is already released on bail, how nice the police are to PHAEDOPHILE MISSIONARIES.

Robert Moss/aka Bobby Morse, is a third generation missionary from one of the most powerful church familes in the north of Thailand. The history of this family goes back 100 years or so, to Yunnan province, China, which they left in 1932, through work in Laos , Burma, and probably Vietnam, to their presence in Chiang Mai. Another powerful family such as the Youngs (Bill Young Opium Trader of Luang Namtha, Laos), missionaries, close affiliation with the US Embassy (Bill Young is CIA) and the hegemony of missions in the north of Thailand. The Akha and other hilltribe nothing more than their tools to get the money and power they want. See our page on Robert Moss - Bobby Morse

In many cases people are afraid to report on the illegal activities and child sexual abuse of the missionaries due to the Mafia like control they have on the region. They are very quick to close ranks and cover up for their own, so that the misdeeds of all the others will not come to light.

The two blogs in Thailand that covered the story quickly pulled the articles, showing the power of the missions to sexually abuse Akha and other children and cover it all up. Must have been the girls fault?

Where is the US Embassy enforcing this as a case to take Mr. Moss Morse back to the US for sex abuse charges? Are missionaries exempt from prosecution? Especially old family name missionaries?
What has become of the Child Protection Act that makes what Mr. Moss Morse is alleged to have done a crime?

Like Vern McCauley of Eden House Children's Home (YWAM Chiangrai) said (on video in the film "Prisoners of a White God") when asked about the rape of an Akha girl by a Missionary: "We wouldn't want to talk about that, it would give missionaries a bad name."

How many cases will there have to be of children being raped before missionaries in Thailand are no longer immune? These phaedophiles go where there are children, where they can have control, and that means missions that specialize in setting it all up by taking the Akha children away from their families. There needs to be a bounty on these missionaries, it needs to be made unmistakably clear, till their knees are pounding together, that the best thing they can do while they are still alive is get on a plane and get the hell out of there.

You can do your part by calling or emailing the US Embassy in Bangkok, and the US Consul in Chiangmai and asking about the Moss Morse case.

Day 26 Grants Pass Resting, Oregon
Today rested Hampton, his shoulder a bit tender still, but was clean out of it when I walked him around town mid day. He gets LOTS of grain, Strategy, Cob, Alfalfa and lots of green grass. When he gets full he lays down and eats what is around him. Walks quick and snappy when we take a walk about.

Vivian and Dan Harvey came up from Medford. Vivian has just written a book:"The Missionary Myth: The Children Pay the Price" about her experiences in residential schools in Africa and about the experiences of Native American children in residential schools in the US. Interestingly, Kevin Annett is going to be in Crescent City and Arcada end of the week for lectures on the RESIDENTIAL GENOCIDE (See Unrepentant video) but I will miss him by a day or two, going that way slowly. Everybody must join forces to expose the missionary myth and abuse system.

Day 26 Grants Pass, Oregon

Day 25 Grants Pass, Oregon
Day 25 Grants Pass

We walked and rode a long day, starting early so that we could make it without too much hassle, to Grants Pass. We got in late, and found a close place of grass to put up Hampton before Sandie gave me a ride back to Quine Creek to get the bus. Nice people in Grants Pass. The weather pattern changed even more today, getting more green grass, more sunny with promises of spring and summer.

The mountains came up in view, rolling edges as far as one can see. Trucks straining up the mountain to get over the passes. Now I am very careful that Hampton doesn't drink roadside water or eat the grass, got to move back further in for that. Herbicide spraying is so much more common today than it was twenty some years ago, people don't even think it a sin.

At 2pm I gave Hampton another ten pounds of feed. No lunch, so I shared his, tastes like green Mac Donalds french fries.
Soon our weather and road conditions will change. No more interstate. Its noisy, stressful, loud trucks, not all that much shoulder, nice to be back on the secondary roads as we head for the Redwoods in California. Day 25 Grants Pass

Day 24 Quine Creek, Oregon
Today was bit of an easy day, mostly walking, giving time for Hampton to get back in shape. One had better know how to walk 20 miles if they have to, and the feet that can do it. We had a good time, we climbed up over Canyon Creek pass and the weather changed right away, putting us in a valley near Azalea, Oregon, a small farm stop, and then on to the Cinnamon Coffee shop, the wood building in Quine's Creek, place the Greyhound always used to stop for a meal, felt like the middle of no where at the time, but the smells are of a good pie baking, Christine was super nice to us, one of the workers put Hampton up at her mother's house down the road, and we were glad to stop by. Had to say goodbye to Catherine, Eddie and Hope today, got to be moving south.

Day 24 Quine Creek, Oregon

Day 23 Days Creek, Oregon
Today we went up to Roseburg for the Spring Fair. Got a chance to talk to a paper or two and enjoyed a bit of what was going on there at the fair.

Day 23 Days Creek and Grants Pass Spring Fair

Day 22 Resting Hampton at Days Creek, Oregon
March 28, 2009
Still resting up and feeding Hampton at ranch in Days Creek, Oregon
Today we attend the Douglas County Spring Fair.

Day 22 Days Creek

Day 21 Days Creek, Oregon
March 27, 2009
Hampton recuperates from herbicide poisoning and a tender shoulder. We continue to seek better pellet feeds to increase his fat and protein intake. The kids are having a wonderful time on the Norwegian Ranch Hundehaven.

Activists have campaigned a long time to get herbicide spraying stopped, and to certainly require applicators in public places to post signs when grass has been sprayed. Hampton's close call in Roseburg on a bike path is just one more example.

The chemicals he ingested are 1. Neet, 2. Milestone, 3. Spyder, 4. Phase. The symptoms he had were accelerated collapse, unable to rise up off the ground, laying totally prone with legs rigidly outstretched, very shallow breathing, eyes glassed over. This is from a few bites of this recently sprayed grass (20 to 30 minutes prior). His symptoms continued for several hours.

In a couple days we will be on our way again.

Day 21 Days Creek, Oregon

Day 20 Myrtle Creek, Oregon

Hampton wakes up with a bruised shoulder from rolling on the corner of the saddle. Limping, we don't go anywhere and move him to a barn in Days Creek.

Day 20 Myrtle Creek, Oregon

Day 19 Myrtle Creek, Oregon

We get on the road and take an easy afternoon to Myrtle Creek, Hampton is energetic and rolls a bit on his saddle, enjoying the sun a little too much.

Day 19 - Myrtle Creek

Day 18 Roseburg, Oregon

We move the bus to Grants Pass, and hitchhike back to Roseburg.

Day 18 - Roseburg

Day 17 Roseburg, Oregon
A day of rest in Roseburg, sleeping, feeding, playing.

Day 17 Roseburg, Oregon

People have been very pleasant and very good to us.

Missionary Moss Arrested for Sexually Abusing Hill Tribe Girls at His Mission in Thailand
While we have pointed out the sexual abuse at mission schools for years, and demanded an end to the removal of Akha children, the article below shows the motivations and abuse patters that fit so many of these mission schools in Chiangrai and Chiangmai province, financial gain not being the last motive. We hope all the other missions with hundreds of Akha children get investigated as well. Missionary Moss Arrested for Sexual Abuse of Hill Tribe Girls at Mission School in Mae Taeng, Thailand

Day 16 Roseburg
March 22, 2009
Starting out after a short break, we leave Sutherlin by 6 am and head for Roseburg. A very long walk, first set of boots very worn out. We are sore and a bit wet. I put Hampton up at the Fairgrounds.

Day 16 Roseburg, Oregon

Day 15 Sutherlin
March 22, 2009
We get out of Cottage Grove around 11am, headed for Roseburg over the back road of London Road, Shoestring Road, London Hill, Elkhead, Oakland and Sutherlin. Oakland is a nice small town, good buildings downtown that keep it interesting. We get late into Sutherlin, and take a break at 2am.
Day 15 Sutherlin

Day 14 Cottage Grove
March 22, 2009
We say goodbye to Eugene and head south.
Day 14 Cottage Grove

Day 13 U of O - Haugland
March 22, 2009
We picket the University of Oregon over Haugland, Invitrogen and the PhD. in Genocide Program of Paul W. Lewis.
Day 13 U of O Haugland Video

Day 13 Invitrogen
March 22, 2009
We go to Invitrogen (Molecular Probes Haugland) and ask them about their connection with Haugland.
Day 13 Invitrogen Video

Day 13 Eugene
Who is Richard P. Haugland?
March 19, 2008
A lot of people are asking us who Richard P. Haugland is and why we care? He is a man who started Molecular Probes in Eugene, Oregon with his wife Rosaria. After they sold the company for $320 MILLION Richard moved to Chiangmai, Thailand out of the blue and began paying a Hmong woman to go with him to the Akha villages and get Akha girls, of whom he now has nearly 30 in a "school" in Chiangmai, Thailand called "Starfish Country Home". See links below.

Richard has been in Thailand only a couple of years. We heard about his project because women who were teachers there complained to us about how the five and six year old girls were being treated. We wrote to Richard and asked him not to follow the model that he was following and not to seperate children from their villages.

Rosaria funds girls and women's projects in Eugene, so we find it interesting that people in Eugene know what her husband is doing in Thailand. Neither Richard or Rosaria can explain why Richard needs to take all these girls away and promise them educations rather than to live safely with their parents and have enough food.

Now after that, here is today's rather simple video.

Day 13 Eugene

Day 12 U of O PhD. in Genocide
March 22, 2009
We make a run on the University of Oregon and speak to the staff at the President's office about the U of O PhD. in Genocide Program and Paul W. Lewis' sterilization project.
Day 12 U of O PhD. in Genocide Video

Day 12 Eugene, Oregon
Staff at INVITROGEN Act Like Jerks
We Visit Rosaria P. Haugland's Office
Protest at Univ. of Oregon
March 18, 2009
Today we visited the offices of Invitrogen in Eugene. We asked them if they had any connection with Richard P. Haugland? They said they didn't, but when we mentioned that he was a bit of a FREAK they called security. So apparently they really love the guy. Their office had numerous momentos from "Molecular Probes" which is the name of Richard Haugland's business when he owned it. Anyway, rather than asking what this was all about or showing any concern, they just called security and some dickhead named Eagle Eye said"Why don't you get the hec out of here". More than glad to sir, but now we know what you are made of and we are more than glad to plow your field for the next few years over this issue. Maybe you think the smell from Haugland won't reach Invitrogen in a small place like Oregon? The freak is busy taking 5 and 6 year old girls away from their families. Quite a number of them, as if they were toys for his possesion. Like none of their own families would love to care for them on their own, maybe with a few bucks and a big office like Invitrogen?

Then we went to the University of Oregon and set up big cardboard signs. Later I got back to the campus on Hampton and stayed there till 3pm, after which I went to 1590 Willamette street where Rosaria Haugland has her offices and left some cards. People in the office thought it was absolutely freaking weird that Richard Haugland was taking away five and six year old Akha girls in Thailand.

So do we. And he is not alone, missionaries are taking these children by the hundreds, thousands, cleaning out entire villages, many villages. They always have some white person excuse. No it wouldn't be about race now would it? Of course it is.

We also had a sign about the UofO giving out PhD's in Genocide. The people of Eugene need to know the dark side of what is coming out of Eugene. There are a lot of good people here who would not approve.

Our page on Richard P. Haugland's Starfish Home
Richard P. Haugland's Starfish Country Home website

Day 12 Eugene, Oregon

Here is video testimony that Paul W. Lewis makes about his own sterilization program, yes, he thinks it is just wonderful. Keep in mind, this is after the scandal and the program was stopped, made in about 1995.
Sterlizations of Akha Women: Interview with Paul W. Lewis (Mr. Mengele)

Day 11 Eugene , Oregon
March 17, 2009
Today we went to see the President of the University of Oregon, on horseback. An extensive video will be coming out with
We got a lot of notice, riding onto campus with stately looking Mr. Hampton, excercising his "divine right of kings" to do such things.

Day 11 Eugene, Oregon

University of Oregon Giving PhD.'s in Genocide
March 17, 2009
For the second time we went to the UofO campus to talk to the President about the Paul W. Lewis PhD. This time on horseback. The University Police were waiting for us. We talked to Mr. David R. Hubin, executive assistant to the President Frohnmayer. I explained once again, that it was unacceptable for the UofO to sponsor such a PhD. and that I would like to see the University rescind the PhD. Mr. Hubin offered the same explanations, that the University could not do anything, and I made several suggestions. But it was the same "we have all the power, all the money, and we are helpless to change what we do, even if it is wrong. We are unable to make wrong things right."

I am sure that my complaint will be conveyed to Mr. Frohnmayer who was out of town in China or Japan, riding around on bullet trains, living very differently than the Akha women who got sterilized.

Day 10 Eugene , Oregon
March 16, 2009
Rain and cold all until Eugene.

Video: Day 10 Eugene, Oregon

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