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Akha Businesses

I'm not able to keep up with them all here, but the Akha are good business people when they are getting their fair cut, and they are now moving into more and more use of the media and internet. It is hard to run an agricultural based business when you are not secure on the land where you live. In Doi Tung the Royal Project took all the Akha land many years ago. The Akha learned to grow coffee on the fringes. But then this wasn't good enough. The Royal Project at Doi Tung insisted that the Akha can only sell their coffee to the Royal Project at set prices now, and that they are cut back to only being able to sell to the free market on one day a week. How generous.

But the Akha will prevail.

Importing Akha coffee from Doi Chaang Village in Chiangrai Province, Thailand to Canada.

A guest house in an Akha village.
Akha Julyah Guest House San Jaluen Akha Village

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