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Akha Julyah Guest House

Akha Julyah Guesthouse


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Escape from the city and experience the life of a hill tribe: the Akha,

in a small village,

between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, (20 min from Mae Suai), 



+66 (8)47490625

39 M. 10 T. Vavee , Sancharoen Kaw,

A. Mae Suai, 57180 Chiang Rai


39 หมู่ 10 .วาวี .แม่สรวย

.เชียงราย 57180 


  • STAY:

“Programs”: (2 to 5 days) with different activities

“Workcamp” (1 / 2 weeks) for helping the villagers

“Long term volunteer” (1 to 3 months) 


The purpose of “Akha Julyah Guesthouse” is to divulge and preserve the Akha culture. Come and live in small bamboo huts, in the middle of the nature or choose to stay in a family.

Participate to the daily life of the Akha by doing their different activities:  

Experience Akha ceremonies and learn Akha language and culture (dances, songs) and how to cook Akha meals,

teach English at the school,

cut bamboo in the forest and do some handicraft,

go to the field with the villagers (planting, harvesting the rice, corn, ginger…), fishing and swimming in lake or river or for some trekking tours in the forest and green hills. 

  • What do you need:

A towel, a raincoat, a flashlight, a warm sweater, hiking boots, a shirt with long sleeves (a sleeping bag).

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