Akha Chronicles
Book 1: Maesai
Chapter 47: Exile



Life in Exile

After I was deported and then my wife left Thailand we could neither go back to Thailand or forward to the US. My wife’s visa had been intentionally delayed by someone at USCIS and finally we would have to apply for another one.


But who could know when we would ever get back to any country. The last thing the US wanted was PHYSICAL evidence that the Akha really existed coming to America.


I myself felt increasingly opposed to morality of the government of the US. The faceless Americans who made it all run. Their lofty words blathering on about “human rights” as compared with what they were really doing to people in the world, far from the view of the American public.


This was our life outside the US, living under conditions imposed on us by both governments, both of which were involved in the death and destruction of the Akha people who only wanted to live.





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