Book 1: Maesai
Chapter 38: Mobilization



After my deportation from Thailand it became necessary for me to mobilize my energies in new ways and on a much bigger playing field that I had to do in the past, more expenses, more outlets for information, more miles and fuel to get to places, plane flights, all of it, to keep in the game and continue to progress the Akha work. The only thing that I didn’t need to do was quit. Otherwise there was much to learn and methods to gain in bring attention to the situation of the Akha people.


Mobilizing in American society where people are all so worried about their wealth and appearances was a new challenge. People were often insulated from the need of others, and it was a crime in America to be poor. There were police everywhere, it was not a pleasant backdrop to one’s normal duties.


Generally in Asia, unless you are breaking the law, police don’t bother you. In America the motor vehicle is the invitation to the police, for what ever reason that they spot on your vehicle they can stop you, as an intrusion into your life, to remind you they are boss, to create fear, and to increase your logistical energies.


With the insane war on terror they had elevated the fear level for everyone, not only real events but all the worry about “perceived” events.


Prices are inflated compared to Asia, but there is work, there is money, if you plan carefully, stay connected to people who have that work, and persist, once again, always persist and forget about the clock, where ever possible, think more about results.


Remain effective. Results based activism. Build alliances.




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