Akha Chronicles
Book 1: Maesai
Chapter 27: Forestry




Forestry department was a bandit group of its own, trying to grab up as much land as it could, in the name of protecting the forest, but with no attention to justice.


7 Jan 2000

Pine Trees

The planting of sugar pine.


A long time ago you asked me if I could find out who was planting all

the pine in northern Thailand.

Now it comes out that the Petroleum Authority of Thailand is doing it, huge swaths, completely eliminating the environment as they go along.  They have the particularly nasty habit of taking Akha farm ground to do it, moving the Akha, then going after the newly cleared ground too.

Now almost the entire region of mountains in Chiangrai province is under threat from take over of this kind of growth.

I think that there is a significant story here, if someone would come and do it.  The layer of death below the trees, planted as close together as they are is frightful.



25 jan 2000

Asian Development Bank

Dear Sir:

We have been told that specific land “development” policies backed by money from the ADB are the cause of forced village relocations in the mountains of northern Thailand and we hold you accountable for this now ongoing policy to move Akha villages.

As we can verify each point in these links, legal papers will be filed.

Matthew McDaniel


Huuh Mah Akha


Behind Mae Chan Luang


Water? The Thai Pig Farm


Relocated Small Village

North of Rimkok


Trees in the Rice


How Jeh Teeh, the Lahu man used his position to sell out Akha Land

The village next to Pah Nmm was a Christian Lahu or Mooser village called Jeh Boh Mooser after Jeh Boh, the old man in the village.  They also had moved off the hill. 

Jeh Teeh was the Mooser pastor, also the Oberthor (goverment position)




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