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UNESCO and the Akha
Jan 2006

UNESCO SILENT on the Ethnocide of the Akha by US Missions
Who is UNESCO working for? Sure not the Akha.
Maybe all this is just a "jerk-" for the white folks? Fake caring, fake -isms, but tons of real money. Is racism biasing the mandate of UNESCO? We think so. Course we could be wrong.

But hey, if you aren't Akha, maybe if you are Russian, then hey, what we have been trying to do for years is then very normal, except with a different people in mind. Now that fact that David Feingold and Mr. Smeets are too busy for us isn't because they don't know what is going on. The link below is what we THOUGHT Non Tangible Heritage Status was suppose to be about. So why weren't we helped when we tried to do the same for the Akha? As in BROWN Akha? Racism? Your guess is as good as ours. Take a look.

Non Tangible Heritage for NON-Akha Peoples

White Children

Brown Children

After months of trying to get UNESCO to provide information on Intangible Heritage status for the Akha, and after discovering that they in fact weren't helping the Akha but were working with US missionaries who were the very people destroying Akha culture we figured it was time to put them here.

Intangible Heritage
Proclaimed Master Pieces 2005
Living Human Treasures
Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage
Action Plans for Protecting Languages
Language Endangerment
Universal Declaration of Cultural Diversity
Cultural Heritage and Intentional Destruction (This is at the CORE of missionary endeavors)
UNESCO Declaration concerning the Intentional Destruction of Cultural Heritage
Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage

With this wealth of good ideas already on their site, we are amazed that they are shocked at our concept of fast tracking the implementation of these ideas and actually taking action to protect Akha culture. It is well known in Thailand that the US based christian missionaries intend to compeltely eliminate Akha Culture. David Feingold knows this. Mr. Smeets should know this. Just when were they planning to take action?

David Feingold says he doesn't get paid by UNESCO, has his name on the UNESCO website, but can't tell us who is in charge in Bangkok or what HIS job is.

A lot of cat and mouse for such high and mighty positions at the UN.

But isn't it lovely that UNESCO couldn't have the imagination to fund education projects and build capacity among the traditional Akha of Thailand.

Instead they had to work with the very people destroying the culture of the Akha like New Life Foundation, started and funded by Paul and Elaine Lewis. More rabid exterminators of Akha culture have not been born. Paul and Elaine Lewis trained Yot and Ajay who carry on the destructive work.

UNESCO has been in Bangkok for a very long time. They do cultural preservation work in places like Luang Prabang, Laos. They also give Intangible Heritage status to tribal groups like the Huaorani of Ecuador. But they would like us to believe that they have done this already for the Akha of Thailand too, yet without substantial proof.

One need not be a rocket scientist to see what dire straights Akha culture, literature and language is in when seeing the huge funds spent to destroy it.

The New Life Foundation states that they use their "church network" to run the UNESCO HIV program, when that entire effort could have been done by traditional Akha.

The following site makes use of Akha photos in TRADITIONAL dress.

UNESCO Trafficking Website

Note that the above website makes trafficking a female only issue by their use of the "female" gender symbol at the top right of the page. In fact, many Akha boys and other hill tribe boys are trafficked to places like Chiangmai and Bangkok for sexually exploitive practices by western and other men.

Here is the Cultural Protection page of UNESCO:
UNESCO and Culture: Protection of ENDANGERED and Minority Cultures.

UNESCO and HIV Project.

UNESCO: Mandate to work with ethnic minorities.

ARTICLE 4: Human rights as guarantees of cultural diversity
The defense of cultural diversity is an ethical imperative, inseparable from respect for human dignity. It implies a commitment to human rights and fundamental freedoms, in particular the rights of persons belonging to minorities and those of indigenous peoples. No one may invoke cultural diversity to infringe upon human rights guaranteed by international law, nor to limit their scope.

ARTICLE 5: Cultural rights as an enabling environment for cultural diversity
Cultural rights are an integral part of human rights, which are universal, indivisible and interdependent. The flourishing of creative diversity requires the full implementation of cultural rights as defined in Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in Articles 13 and 15 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. All persons have therefore the right to express themselves and to create and disseminate their work in the language of their choice, and particularly in their mother tongue; all persons are entitled to quality education and training that fully respect their cultural identity; and all persons have the right to participate in the cultural life of their choice and conduct their own cultural practices, subject to respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

UNESCO: Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity PDF

Mission Organizations. Not one Akha Traditional Culture organization is included, though they exist and could certainly use to be included in such a project.

New Life Center Foundation, Chiang Mai, Thailand
World Concern, Yunnan, China
Project Grace International, Yunnan, China

UNESCO: HIV Trafficking Prevention Drama in Akha Language

The destruction of culture, the core elements of one's language are intrinsic to destroying identity. New Life Foundation is part of the Missionions of Destruction network. If missionaries destroy Akha traditional culture, it is a crime on a global scale comparable with what missionaries did to the American Indians, but UNESCO apparently can't figure that out.

Write them, they need to hear from you.

This is what the New Life Thailand website says:
(We think New Life Thailand is a very sexist organization, because it is well known in northern Thailand that many hill tribe BOYS are trafficked and sexually abused. As at the SWEDEN Mr. Woon Benedikta House. [search this site for story] But the sexual abuse of boys is not mentioned on their site. Apparently they don't care. Maybe the abuse of boys isn't "sexy" enough?)

"Major funding is provided by American Baptist Churches (USA - Paul W. Lewis was from the American Baptists)
Diakonia (Sweden) This one is sad, cause Mr. Woon was a missionary from Sweden busy raping hill tribe boys for years at the Benedikta Home, so the Swedes stay real busy.
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
First Presbyterian Church, Berkeley, California"

Funding, is this a mission or what?
On their web page below they mention "Staff Accountability. DAPA is listed. Well that sure is the Fox guarding the chickens. NLF buildings are on what was DAPA land, Yot runs Dapa, figure it out for yourself.
Staff Accountability

Dr. Paul and Mrs. Elaine Lewis set up NLF
NLF quotes stupid disinformation:
"There are almost 1,000,000 tribal people in northern Thailand, and they live a precarious existence. Their native habitat -- the rolling hill country that spreads out north of the city of Chiang Mai -- is becoming less and less able to support their traditionally self-reliant agrarian lifestyle, because of tightening Thai government restrictions on the use of land and the cutting down of forests. "

Who REALLY took the land
(Now you got to be stupid. Cause the Akha are loosing their land to mono crop pine, flower farms, citrus farms, tea farms, Forestry scams, Royal Projects like at Hooh Yoh, all land taken by Thais, stolen from the hill peoples, but NLF goes with this deception that the Akha and others are to blame for destroying the environment. NLF would be less busy if they stood up for human rights, for land rights.

UNESCO and New Life Thailand

We think that people should answer their email and do their job! A position of any kind at UNESCO is not a job without prestige.

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