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Wells and Water Systems

Of the 320 plus Akha villages in Thailand we have yet been able to find a village with clean water.

Water is a most basic need in Akha villages. The Akha used to have mountain top springs which provided safe drinking water, but many forced relocations left the Akha in locations with no source of clean water. A first step is basic protection of what ever water supply they have to reduce contamination.

Wells that water can be drawn from can be dug and protected with concrete.

Pipe is often run from spring boxes.

But the real solution to village water contamination is drilled wells which do not depend on surface water.

Here we show the process and results of dug wells protected with concrete.

Pictures of Akha water situations are shown. Water running in ditches to village cisterns, easily contaminated etc.

This water ditch was replaced with one kilometer of 2 inch pipe by volunteers from Singapore. (Lisaw Akha Village)

At the bottom is a picture of our cement mixer that we use for projects in different villages.

Donations for water projects make fundamental improvements in Akha life.

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