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Sexual Abuse Index

Chris Lyttleton was involved in the NCA cover up report, hired as an "independent" investigator by NORAD, while he had previous worked for NCA which is reason that he should have recused himself. Which he did not.
But Chris Lyttleton, after having played his hand in the cover up of the sexual abuse of Akha village girls and women, now goes on to write very biased material on the Akha of Laos. We have sent a protest letter to Maquerie University in Australia regarding this matter.
Chris Lyttleton

Complaint Againt New Tribes Mission for Sexual Abuse of Jane Doe, Philippines Mission Boarding School:
Complaint Against New Tribes Mission pdf

The Norad Report in four parts:
The Norad Introduction tries to wash a few hands 1
The NORAD Report on Allegations of NCA Sexual Abuse of Akha Women and Girls in Laos 2
The Norad Response 3
Norad Terms of Reference 4
Original Report can be found here
Eisel Mazard's response to the NCA NORAD report
Second Rebuttal to the NORAD Report
ACF Batik International Sexual Abuse Allegations Report pdf
Sex and Celibacy in the Poverty Industry.pdf Eisel Mazard's response to the ACF Batik report
NORAD Review of NCA 2007 See page 37 and page 60 for references to sexual abuse allegations.

Past work of Chris Lyttleton with NCA
It was said that this report and all the traveling to do it, was done in less than 14 days.
NCA Evaluation Report 2005 Chris Lyttleton

Our Letter to Macquarie University Expressing Our Concern Over Accusations by Chris Lyttleton
That We Don't Know What the Akha Tell us for Fact
Our Letter to Macquarie University

Other Docs
Protecting Children From Sexual Exploitation pdf
Liberia Exploitation While Delivering Aid pdf

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