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Ride For Freedom

The Ride For Freedom came about as a means to bring the story of the Akha to the American public.

Twenty years after having crossed the United States on horseback, I decided to do it again for Akha human rights awareness.

In the US few people know who the Akha are, despite the fact that their population is more than 500,000 people. In order for people to take action to the Akha they need to know who they are, what their needs are, who the oppressors are, and how to help make a difference in Akha lives by protecting their security.

Human rights is our first concern, the protection of Akha language, land, culture and identity.

The first two field issues that we deal with are:
1. Land Rights - The Queen of Thailand taking Akha land.
2. Children - Stopping the removal of Akha children by missionaries. 3. Language - Recording and preservation of Akha language and traditional texts.

The Ride For Freedom will be starting from Lincoln City, Oregon and traveling by horseback to the UN at New York.

We are currently paying off our bus that will be going with the horses on this trip and will carry family and volunteers.

Now we are on our way, April 4, 2009

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Don't keep your horse at Marty Brown's Holiday Rose in Salem, Oregon.
She will starve your horse and charge you for it. See pics at this link of what she did to our horse while we were out of town.
Marty Brown's Holiday Rose Horse Stable - a Critque

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