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Recommended Reading

The following books can give you some insight into the Akha situation.

A time of Little Choice, by Randal Miliken
Thy Will Be Done
The Politics of Heroin in South East Asia
The Missionaries
Is God an American?
Defrauding America
Whiteout: the CIA, Drugs and the Press is a shocking chronicle of the US intellgence agencies' ties to drug runners, stretching from World War 2 through the Contra Wars and the Taliban in Afghanistan.
The Crimes of Patriots
A True Tale of Dope, Dirty Money, and the CIA. New York: W.W. Norton, 1987. 424 pages. Kwitny, Jonathan.
When Frank Nugan was found dead in Australia in 1980, it was accepted as a suicide and the sighs of relief could almost be heard in Langley, on the other side of the globe. But then William Colby's business card was found in Nugan's wallet, and Nugan's partner, Michael Hand, had been a contract agent for the CIA in Vietnam. Australian authorities began tracking Nugan Hand Bank, which developed into the most fun story of Golden Triangle drugs, money-laundering, profiteering, corporate shell games, and financial fraud that has yet surfaced in the CIA's unofficial history. The most intriguing aspect of Nugan Hand Bank was the list of Yankees who were in on the scam. Theodore Shackley, Richard Secord, Thomas Clines, and Edwin Wilson played peripheral roles, while Gen. Edwin Black ran the Nugan Hand Hawaii office, Gen. Erle Cocke ran the Washington office, Gen. LeRoy Manor ran the Philippine office, Colby was their lawyer, former CIA deputy director Walter McDonald was a consultant, Adm. Earl Yates was president of Nugan Hand, and Robert Jantzen, a former CIA station chief in Thailand, got out of Nugan Hand when he smelled drugs. He needn't have bothered; apart from Kwitny's Wall Street Journal articles in 1982, Nugan Hand received little coverage and no official interest in the U.S., perhaps because evidence was lacking that it was a direct CIA proprietary. ISBN 0-393-02387-7
Meet the Akha
The Akha: Guardians of the Forest
Wayfarers of the Thai Forest
Shooting the Moon
The Ravens
Air America
Akha Journal 1
Akha Journal 2

Border Landscapes - Janet C. Sturgeon - Comparison of Akha in Thailand and China.

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