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Six Yao Men Murdered by Thai Police

On reports I went to this village and talked to the widows and other villagers. The Yao headman was called along with other village officials over a very bad road to the government office. On the way home, the truck was stopped and everyone in the truck was shot. Some were running away and were shot so many times that their guts came out, according to one village man who was told to go and pick up the bodies of his friends. I have never witnessed an account of such a brutal murder of people. One of the men shown, standing against a curtain in the photo, he only had one leg.

More details of this event:
Champoo Yao killed by Thai police Boon Mah Sae Pahn, Yao Tribe, Palang Village Chiangrai province. 29 yeras. Obothor. Ambushed along with five other men from his village 27 February 2003 while returning home from a government meeting. (numerous ambushes have been conducted in this manner) Front window of truck was shot out by someone standing in the road. Boon Mah died from shot in head, and repeated gunshot wounds to the chest. "gehdteehsapbw.jpg" Get Dteeh Sap Sak Seeh Chompoo, Yao Tribe, 44, two boys, two girls, headman three years, shot five times in chest. Parents are 80 years old and are now left on their own. "gowgwaybw.jpg" Gow Gkway Sai Tuin, Yao Tribe, 44 years, three boys, two girls, farmer, had only one leg from accident, passenger in back of truck, shot so violently that he was disemboweled. "naijahnbw.jpg" Naih Sahn Sai Tuin, Yao Tribe, 29, farmer. Shot repeatedly, disemboweled. "oohgkwaybw.jpg" Ooh Gkway Sai Tuin, Yao Tribe, 29 years, two girls, Gah Mah Gahn for twe years. Chest wounds, abdomen disemboweled.


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