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Akha Village Votes About Drugs While Thai Police Control The Vote

The Thai police came to this village and told the villagers that they have to write down the name of those using or selling drugs in their village. Villages are turned against each other in this fashion, with much damage done to the communities. A placid Akha village in Thailand will not reveal how many people have been murdered in that place. Of course if they knew, the Akha would not tell, but this kind of coercion is common.

Akha Village police vote. Humor Us Pleaaaaaase!
"The police are here on a good will mission today. All you have to do is write in the name of any one using drugs in the village. The Ampur's office wants to help them!" That's right, step right up and write some names. "Hey, who's name should I put down?" "Write down the name of that guy they killed last week." Gee, how did we get into this, this is worse than traffic duty. The form that the Akha are suppose to put names on. "Will they give us rice?"

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