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Loh Guuh is Murdered by the Thai Police

Loh Guuh got himself mixed up in a drug deal that the police set up. They kept coming to the village asking for drugs. All these villages are poor, very poor, and eventually the villagers agreed to get the drugs for the police. The police often need the drugs to make a profit, so the Akha never know what is going on. It is all very dangerous but so is starving to death. Loh Guuh was in a relocated village, from Hua Mae Kom. (Where later the headmen there were murdered by the police too, starting to get the picture?) Loh Guuh was asked to wait in the corn field for a buyer. He did not have the drugs with him. Someone else had the drugs. A policeman, a short fat man, walked up behind him and shot him three times, exclaiming "Now I kill you drug dealer". The case went to court, but no justice ever came of it.

More Details:
The Extra Judicial Execution of Loh Guuh Loh Guuh was killed in a drug raid by a policeman who walked up behind him and shot him in the back of the head while unarmed. He died instantly. An investigation continues into this killing. Loh Guuh's wife and children Court document for the hearing on the killing of Loh Guuh set for March 2003 Loh Guuh Was A Human Being He was entrapped He was unarmed He was shot in the back of the head from a meter away. He Died Admiral Fargo of the US Drug War Admiral Blair This is your drug war You set policy with money and promises Not with help to the poor So we would like you to start meeting the people you are killing We dedicate this page to you! Admiral Fargo Promised a drug war and he's delivering it in Thailand. Count the human cost, Sir. This is Loh Guuh's house and family. This village has water to drink, cause I built the well. Where were YOU? This village has babies that lived because I spent hundreds of thousands of baht to keep them that way after their village was forced to move from the mountains at Hooh Yoh Lisaw to this desolate spot in a field next to a super highway. Is this what you call "crop substitution"? Italian Operas. Tragedies. Rai Italian National TV came and made a film about the tragedy of this village, "When The Wind Blew". And the world knows. Ask Lorenzo Hendel who these people are. You don't appear to have the time of day for my friends, their villages or their families, so could spend a little time in prayer when you are at church there in San Diego or where ever, and quit killing my friends. Isn't right. Loh Guuh Loh Guuh's Wife, Now A Widow Loh Guuh's Mother Loh Guuh's Blind Father - Time To Evict Them Loh Guuh's Brother Loh Guuh's Son, Now Fatherless, And Mother Loh Guuh's House, Look at all the crop substitution! Loh Guuh's Sister Loh Guuh's Other Sister And Loh Guuh's Son.

This Is Where Loh Guuh Was Born, And The View Out His Front Door Your Laws Killed Him A Long Time Ago Back When They Helped Load Air America Planes With Opium Or Did You Forget That Part? American Citizen's Services US Embassy Bangkok Thailand Dear Sir/Ma'm: The news has commented that the USG has given $3.7 million to the Thai Government for drug related law enforcement. This is rather puzzling since there appears to be very little logic in the Thai mountains if there is in sincerety a desire to stem the flow of drugs into Thailand. That might be refered to as the lack of consistent police and army checkpoints. This is very irregular for the quantities of speed pills the Wa are flooding Thailand with. For the last two years there have not been regular strategic checkpoints, not even during the border confrontation of this spring. This is not logical if in fact the US is sponsoring a drug war here. Taxpayers would want to know that the Thais were doing the obvious before funding them to do more than the obvious. People in Thailand want to buy the drugs, individuals will traffic the drugs from sources of production in Burma along the border to these markets if they need a lot of money, but also if they happen to be poor in the extreme. In more than 300 Akha villages along the Thai-Burmese border it would be very difficult to identify any project that would come close to poverty alleviation. So it very much appears that the drug problem in Thailand is going to continue to be a heavy handed militarization and law enforcement sided response to the issue. You may not be aware that the Akha hill tribe for one thing has very few human rights in Thailand. In years past the US Embassy was quite aware of the forced relocations of Akha villages supposedly related to drugs and allowed it to occur. Waiving human rights concerns was favored for the "greater necessity" of stopping the sale of drugs. Even the most casual observer could readily note that for some odd reason the drug problem is ten fold what it was then, and certainly there is not and will not be a spirit of cooperation coming out of the Akha community anytime now or in the future. They have seen what bites the hand, not what feeds the mouth. There appears to be no one advising the Thais what is considered the rule of law in the mountains attached to this US money. The Thai unofficial if not official policy, is to kill hill tribe people when expedient in the "enforcement" of their duties. Naturally there is no avenue of appeal for people who have no money. Or if they happen, like Loh Guuh, to be dead. Two months ago an Akha man was beaten to death in Sam Yak Akha Village. He was 56. His name was Ah Pah. Now we are informed that that an Akha man Loh Guuh, who lived in an Akha village in which I have a fish raising project, was entrapped into procurring speed pills for a sting operation and was shot and killed when the police came to buy the pills that he got for them. Loh Guuh's village was forcibly relocated from Hua Mae Kom five years No one protested then, no one is protesting now. Not at least any of the people who claim to believe in the rule of law. Loh Guuh is dead, but that is not enough for this drug war, now the police of Mae Chan, who shot Loh Guuh in this set up sting operation insist that his mother and father must leave the village, they are being evicted. They are both over 70 years old, and his father is blind. Is this law written down in Thailand anywhere that specifies this? Is the US Congressional act that permits this money to be given to the Thai government free of specifications regarding human rights? Extra judicial killing is the game of the day here in Thailand, the embassy knows this, from Kaeman Daeng to others, yet there is no restriction of such activity attatched to this taxpayer money for the Thais?

Since the Akha villages are about the only villages on the border and since the drugs cross through their communities one way, the chemicals the other way, if enforcement is selectively done in their communities the arrest will be unusually high, something that is considered PROFILING in the US. This email is to alert you that the financing of the Thai Drug War is the wrong move, it is a move that is killing people when poverty alleviation could much better address the issue, when any community outreach project would more than pay its way in drug prevention results. Drug war sells hardware, military hardware. Those people already have big bucks. The cost of one humvee would liberate a lot of villages with crops like tea and coffee. However, there is very little indicator that any attempt has been made at an alternative to a drug war as a war against poor people, hill tribes. The Thais, who have never made any secret that they want all the hilltribe out of the mountains, are more than willing to oblige, naturally. This email is being mailed to over 3,000 people. We hope they write their congress people and send them a copy of this email. There are easier ways to fight this drug war, there are cheaper ways to fight it, and there are ways to fight it without killing people so poor and desperate for money. A blind man, like Loh Guuh's father could testify to that. Besides that, these people can remember when they built runways for Air America and off loaded crates of opium seeds. Oh, forgot about that part? Here is just one more victim in Admiral Fargo and Admiral Blair's Drug War. And here is his family.

Sincerely, Matthew McDaniel Maesai, Chiangrai, Thailand.

Here you can see a American Admiral Fargo, talking about Cobra Gold and the US committment to kill as many civilians as possible in the drug war in Thailand, which of course they did.

Admiral Fargo is now the CEO for the Hawaii Super Ferry. Just one more place his presence is not wanted.

Loh Guuh is shot in back of head



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