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Lisaw Headmen at Hua Mae Kom Murdered by Thai Police

The Lisaw Headman and his assistant headman, who was older than he was, they were both family men with children, and they ran the village of Hua Mae Kom in Ampur Mae Fah Luang. The Ampur's office called them to the Ampur Office for a standard meeting. When they left, on the long twisting road to Haen Taek, the Thai police stopped their vehicle and began immediately shooting.

Ah Fah Saih Leeh, Lisu, Headman Hua Mae Kom, Ampur Mae Faluang, Chiangrai. Shot in head, top of head blown off. Shot repeatedly in chest. 35, one son, one daughter. Parents pictured. Sah Mai Ying Choh, Lisu, 58, shot in eye, top of head blown off. Five children.

Both men died, two Lisu men escaped this ambush. A passenger was shot in the arm and escaped. The police used this method over and over, calling headmen to the government office, then killing them later as they were headed home.

Truck veered off road and they were thrown out. Their truck after the ambush. Doors and window filled with bullet holes, headrest shot up.

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