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Lahu Man Run Down and Killed by Thai Police

This Lahu man was chased down very difficult roads. He was driving a motorbike near his village, and the police spotted him very early in the morning and began chasing him in a truck. They chased him past Ah Yeh Akha village on the far side of the mountain, killed him when he probably ran out of gas, and threw him and his motorbike off a cliff. On the way back they ran into Ah Yeh, the 21 year old Akha boy who was going to buy broom, and they stold his money from him and murdered him next to his truck.

The Thais can never make up for the cruelty, the murder, that they have done to the mountain people.

"Lahu Killings Lahu Killings Meh Poh Luang, Phrao, Chiangmai Mr. Eh Dteh Durh Jah Gkoh 34. 2 sons. Died Feb 8, 2003 Chased from the village area while hunting late at night, drove his motorbike past three other villages where the truck finally overtook him above Ah Yeh Akha in Phrao area, Chiangmai. He was killed there, shot once in face and chest, and his body and motorcycle were dumped. Found three days later. The six men in the grey truck drove back through Loh Sah Akha village, encountering Ah Yeh from that village and killing him, taking 20,300 baht. The got him to get out of his truck, shot him once in the back and once through the face and left him on the ground. Mr. Eh Dteh's son Mr. Jah Boh Jah Hurh's wife. Mr. Jah Boh, 32, drove his motorbike to Chiang Dao to see a brother and never returned home, his body was not found. He was the nephew of Mr. Eh Dteh. Died April 2002 Mr. Jah Boh's ID."

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