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Joh Hoh Akha Men Brutally Killed by Thai Police

Three Akha are brutally murdered at Joh Hoh. I went to the village. I knew these men. The village was forced to relocate by the Thai police and Forestry, someone wanted their land and water. See video section. I went back to visit the village and two men were in coffins, shot many many times. The son told me that the police called them to the police station and when they were on the road, ambushed them and killed them badly. One man was killed earlier. This killing is one of many killings by the Thai police, that shows what cruel and brutal people they are, and that anyone considering going to Thailand as a tourist should boycott this country.

"Joh Hoh Killings Killings in Joh Hoh Akha, Phrao, Chiangmai, Thailand Joh Hoh Akha was forcibly relocated by 70 police 2001. Located there for 18 years, planted little rice, had a few fruit trees in an incredible forest area. No encroachment. After relocation village fell into poverty at the bottom of the original driveway. Two village sections, ten houses each. Villagers may have become involved in drugs to make money since they no longer had land but this is not known. Ah Yeh Mah Yurh On June 8, 2003 while eating dinner with friends in his house, a gunman came to the door, which was ajar, and shot Ah Yeh Mah Yurh, 43, once in the chest killing him instantly. Then fired into the air with the automatic weapon three times and left. Police said that an Akha must have done it and arrested four men, released three and sent one, Leeh Muuh Burh Chay to jail in Chiangmai. But villagers insist this is a frame up as he was with five other friends in the house behind and did not own a gun. Ah Yeh Mah Yurh has four children 10 days later the police from Phrao come once again looking for Loh Pah Ah Sauh, 35. Not being able to find him they made his wife sign a paper that he will come to the police station in two days time. Loh Pah Ah Sauh goes with Leeh Huuh Burh Chay 44, who was also called. Leeh Huuh Burh Chay The two men drove an old motorbike to town. On the way to town as they came to a corn field they were stopped by men who began shooting them from two directions. Hit, the men turned the motorbike and headed into a road between two corn fields. But a third shooter there began shooting them from behind the corn killing them both instantly. Both men were repeatedly shot in face, back, chest and hand. Loh Pah wound to chest Two bullet entry wounds to Loh Pah's back Entry wound to face Entry wound to face and chest Second man: Leeh Huuh Burh Chay chest entry and exit wounds Pictures taken within an hour of autopsy. Leeh Huuh bullet exit wound in back Leeh Huuh has a bullet wound through nose into head Leeh Huuh, shot through hand The two men were stopped here and shot, blood on ground. Turned motorbike around to left. The two men turned into the road where a gunmen hid to left and who shot them repeatedly. They fell to the ground dead at site of blood. Were seen here with police by passing motorist. Gunman shot out of corn patch at close range The wife of Ah Yeh, left. Leeh Huuh's wife weeps at news of his death. One of the autopsy's Police report Police sign Phrao, Chiagmai Police station Phrao, Chiangmai. Police denied they knew of the police activity in Joh Hoh village, only that they knew of the killings, but did not know about having called the men to the police station, etc, etc, blah blah blah! Wife of Loh Pah and his handicapped daughter cry at hearing of his murder. "


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