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Ah Yeh Murdered and his Wife Shot by Thai Police

Ah Yeh is murdered, his wife shot many times.

Thai police are such whores. They did all they could to murder this Akha woman and she still survived the ordeal and lived.

Ah Yeh was trying to establish coffee in the high mountain region behind Wing Pa Pao. The Forestry department didn't want to see any progress like that at Ah Yeh Akha village.

Ah Yeh and his wife were driving in their small white Toyota when they were stopped on the way to town by two men in the road. The one man asked Ah Yeh where he was going, and when Ah Yeh said they were going to buy rice, the man shot Ah Yeh in the ear, and then down through the back. His wife got out of the other side and a man there shot her, the bullet going clear through her chest. She fell and the man stood over her and shot her with all the bullets he had left.

"Ah Yeh Akha Killing Killing In Ah Yeh Akha Village (Wiang Pa Pao region) Ah Yeh Leh Churh, 44, murdered April 2002, Ah Yeh Akha Village, Phrao, Chiangmai Potentially had a dispute with forestry. But was also involved in agro forestry good practices, planting coffee with tree cover. On trip to Phrao, was stopped on road adjacent to a white truck near a cemetary. Traveling with wife. Man approached door, asked him where he was going? He said "to buy rice". But just as he replied the man put a gun to his ear and shot him in the head. He fell on steering wheel at which point the shooter shot him down through neck and chest in back. Wife Ah Meeh Leh Churh, 41, got out of car on her side to run, was shot by man standing there. Bullet passed through chest from left to right leaving large exit wound. Fell to ground on her back. Shooter stood over her and shot her five times in the heart. Gunmen left, police arrived and found Ah Meeh still alive, took her to the hospital where she spent 28 days before returning home. Ah Yeh has four children. He did not drink, smoke or use drugs. He did not drink tea. House Truck Wife Ah Meeh, entrance wound Exit wound to left Bullets to chest, surgical scar Bullet through hand deformed it."

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