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Ah Yeh Murdered by Thai Police

Ah Yeh was only 21. His sisters lent him money and helped him get credit to buy a small pickup truck. He was going early in the morning to buy broom from other Akha villages and then the police stopped him on a nearrow mountain road after they had just chased a Lahu man whom they just murdered. They asked him for his ID and when they found he had money, one cop shot him in the face and one shot him through the back and left him for dead. Other Akha near the scene saw that they did this, Akha out gathering herbs. Ah Yeh was an only son.

"Loh Sah Killing A grey black pick up truck with six men chased Lahu man Mr. Eh Dteh through Loh Sah Akha village around 4 AM. At 5 am Ah Zeh Murh Leh, 21 drove his truck toward Ah Yeh Akha village to buy broom to sell in Phrao. He had 20,300 baht with him. He met the grey truck coming back, he was found dead at the back of his truck. Farming Akha heard two shots, he was shot in face and back, his money was taken. The grey truck raced through Loh Sah Akha village back down the mountain around 6 am and was seen by Ah Zeh's father. Big mud tires, six men. Ah Zeh was one of five surviving children. An only son. The truck had been bought on payments and was resold to pay off the loan. Ah Zeh Ah Zeh's parents The family house. Loh Sah Akha Village. "

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