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Ah Buuh is Murdered by Thai Police

Ah Buuh lived near to the Mirror Art Group in one of the Rim Kok villages near Mae Yao. The police were always dealing with him, getting what they wanted. Then one night they came to his house and stationed men around the hut a little bit away. A man went in the hut and shot Ah Buuh and his wife many times while they slept, like the Thai coward dogs they are. Ah Buuh, who has only one eye, jumped up and ran out the back of the hut, but the men stationed outside chased him down and shot him to death. His wife was shot something like three times but lived after getting operated on.

"Ah Buuh killed by Thai Police Ah Buuh Cheh Muuh. Akha. 35. Ah Churh Akha Village, Chiangrai province. One boy, one girl. February 2003 Ah Buuh's house was broken into by a masked man at midnight. He and his wife were both shot. His wife shot five times in the abdomen and leg. Ah Buuh, injured, jumped up and ran from the back door. Three more masked men chased him and shot him to death within fifty meters of the house. He was blind in one eye. If he had committed some crime he could easily have been arrested. His wife Meeh Nay survived. It is said that Ah Buuh had many dealings with the police. Was he supplying drugs to them? Was he being forced to supply drugs to them? Was he then eliminated to make quota during the Thaksin-US Drug War? Murdering suspects is a convenient way to cover up the identities of those who are the powerful people involved."

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