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Ah Bah is Murdered by Thai Police

Ah Bah is beaten to death at Som Yaek Akha

Was Ah Bah Murdered? The arrest, beating and death of Ah Bah Rgoeuh Zuuh Gooh (nick name "Joh Bah")Mae Sah Lep Akha Ampur Mae Fah Luang Chiangrai Province, Thailand Ah Pah Rgoeuh Zuuh Gooh 56 Years Died 7pm May 19th, 2001 near Sam Yak Akha Village, Ampur Mae Faluang, Chiangrai, Thailand In the pictures you can see where Ah Bah's body was dumped. What Kind of Human Rights Do The Akha Have In North Thailand? What we know: Autopsy By Dr. Sukrachet, Chiangrai Provincial Hospital, May 24th, 2001 Entry 204. Number 204/44 - Fracture to base of skull, death from brain stem hemorrhage On the evening of May 19th, 56 year old Ah Pah was tied and dragged from his home in Mae Sah Lep village. He was beaten outside his hut by at least one policeman and one other man not in uniform. His wife and others asked them to stop. They took Ah Pah up the hill about one kilometer to Sam Yak village at the junction to Doi Mae Salong. There he was beaten further before being loaded in a passing policeman's private truck where he was handcuffed. Ah Pah spoke to his wife that he thought he was dying. The truck left for the Mae Faluang Ampur's Office and Police Station. Minutes later less than three kilometers from Sam Yak Ah Pah was found lying dead in the middle of the road. A blow to the head, possibly already received at Sam Yak, caused a hemmorhage which killed him. So he was dead within minutes of leaving Sam Yak. Police came back to the house around midnight, some five hours later (after the body had already been taken to Haen Taek Hospital) and tried to get money from Ah Pah's daughter and husband, a man from Poland, staying in an adjacent hut. But talk on the police radios alerted the daughter to the fact that her father was already dead. The police repeatedly tried to get the family to take a pay off over the next days. Ah Pah was moved from Haen Taek to Chiangrai Provincial Hospital where an autopsy was performed showing that he died from a blow to the head and a brain hemmorage from a fractured base of the skull. The police officer who beat Ah Pah has been moved from the Sam Yak police box to another location. The man not in uniform who assisted in the beating is said to be a police informant and his where abouts are unknown. Ah Pah has been buried next to his house in a concrete crypt. The Police also came to look at the crypt. The wife stated that the police offered her money to close the matter but it was not even enough to pay for the funeral.

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