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Second Lisaw Headman Murdered by Thai Police

The new headman is murdered also.

The second headman who replaced the first headman that was murdered at Hua Mae Kom village in Ampur Mae Fahluang Chiangrai province, was also murdered.

The killing was like this. There is a place on the road to Hua Mae Kom where you come down the hill and make a sharp turn and cross a bridge and then up the other side very steep. During the rainy season it is treaturous because you have to gain acceleration to make it up either side. But if you are coming out to town, when you come down the one side and cross the bridge which is very short, you can not race, because there is a very hard left turn there before you head up the long hill with all the ruts, (now gone because road was rebuilt and paved) and you have to drop into at least second gear if not first gear to make this turn so you won't stall, and then start goin again. So you have to really slow down, nearly to a stop.

When he slowed his car down to make the turn in the road, there were police waiting right around the corner standing in the road and they shot the truck many times from no more than four feet away, there was no possibility to survive. Both the new headman and the passenger died. The new headman ran the water company in Haen Taek. He was buried the same afternoon.

This is the truck as I photographed it. This killing was without mercy. Anyone who was powerful to defend land in the hills for their villagers, were killed, so the Queen, Army, Police and Forestry could take all the land from the poor people.

The Thai police are mother fuckers. They do what they want. They need a long long time in hell.

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