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News Coverage

News Reporting and Research Terms
Terms and Conditions
Due to a shortage of time and many committments within the Akha community we have only limited time for providing information or contact into the Akha community for the purpose of producing news articles, photography, video or documentaries.

The following fees and conditions are applicable.

1. Reporter must have a confirmed contract with a publisher in order to do a written article, photographic, video or documentary work. Documenting information for potential articles is not permitted.

2. Reporter must pay all expenses, translator, fuel, driver, meals and housing for all individuals involved.

3. Reporter must agree that copies of all raw data will be made available to the AHF for republication or presentation within the Akha community. This includes copies of all articles, copies of all photographs and video tapes for including in an archive.

4. Reporter must leave sufficient time to accurately identify and document the information within the community such that accurate stories are produced.


Interview for written story for newspaper or magazine: $250 per day and all expenses.

Photography $350 per day and all expenses.

Video for short spot, commercial or mpeg: $500 per day and all expenses.

Video for 20 minute or longer documentary: $1000 per day.

Fees for the first day must be paid in advance by PayPal or Bank Wire Transfer.

Canceled, postponed or missed appointments will not be refunded.

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