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The Akha Legal System

Akha Zauh

The Akha Legal system is called Akha Zauh or Akha Zauh Sauh Gkhoh
The Akha words for Law.
The Akha legal system depends on the Akha oral knowledge system (something the missionaries are fascistly against) and the Akha collective mind, spread throughout the village and throughout the villages.

The Akha legal system is remembered and enhanced by elders and apprentices, all taking their due role, elders in each village.

It is the chief and primary goal of all western white or chinese missionaries to displace and silence these elders. The Nyeeh Pah, one of these elders, is a woman. She is the village healer. The incredible hypocrisy of the missions is that they would label her as evil, a person bent on preserving the health and well being of the village.

The names of the elders is as follows:
Peeh Mah
Boeuh Maw
Dzoeuh Mah
Nyeeh Pah
Bah Jeeh
Jeh Hah
Booh Seh

Akha Zauh is a law carefully followed for long life, good farming, health and civil matters of crime, marriage, death, disputes, planting the rice, harverstin the rice, healing.  There is no aspect of village law that is not intertwined.

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