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US Government Covers Up Human Trafficking of Akha People

The US Government has repeatedly refused information regarding the trafficking of Akha children into Sacramento, California

The US Consulate Chiang mai Thailand web site from the State Department would have you believe they are fighting child trafficking. Guess again. "Major activities: In addition to American citizen services and non-immigrant visa adjudication, the Consulate promotes educational and cultural exchange, environmental partnerships, and efforts to combat trafficking in persons. The US Government has made substantial contributions to and continues to support Royal Thai Government programs to eradicate opium cultivation and to encourage opium growers to cultivate substitute crops. The Consulate General closely monitors developments along the Thai-Burma border, including the welfare of over 150,000 displaced persons from Burma, and actively promotes US economic interests, including potential participation by US firms in the Greater Mekong Subregion. A US Air Force detachment monitors seismic activity in conjunction with the Royal Thai Navy."

Despite what the US gov. would have you believe, they are actively involved in ignoring cases of child trafficking and directly covering it up.

We have contacted the State Department, State Department Refugee Program, the Homeland Security, California's Governor's office, California refugees office and the US Department of Health and Human Services, Sacramento County Human Assistance, Sacramento County Health Services. The law is not enforceable. Not when it comes to Akha trafficked into the US. And there are more, not just in California. Big child trafficking rings, the US populace living in denial of what is going on at a massive level in the US.

Always the answer is the same, they don't get back to us.

Always the answer is the same, "Where did we get this information?" Why are we interested, they are "looking into it". Always the same.

Time goes by. There is little to no interest in the people themselves.

When we told Homeland Security in San Francisco and Sacramento that there were Akha smuggled into Sacramento and in danger of exploitation, they had no interest. Mexico is here after all. They never called us back, not a clue, government workers.

Due to the lack of interest, all we can figure is that the State Department is involved in the trafficking. I mean we told them in DC. They wondered how we knew and never contacted us back.

They said they interviewed everyone, them and Homeland Security. They wouldn't know an Akha from a fire hidrant or a Hmong, that is the skill level of these people unless of course they are lying, like about the hundreds of Akha trafficked into Sacramento over the last years.

Sex slaves, wives for cheap.

The US is one big bundle of lies, falsehoods, evil government, twisting the truth, using people, running black ops under the table on every legitimate issue.

Missions funded by Bush's religious initiatives, right in Chiangmai, (IJM) while scores of US missions in Thailand can't show where they get their huge funding to take Akha children, build mansions and huge complexes, which cost a fortune, far from the US public's eye. And most US citizens are so busy consuming, they don't care to notice.

The US is in the human sex slave, human slave business big time. Soon they will have a Human Trafficking Czar to prove it?

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