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Human Rights Documents

1503 Instructions and filing form:
1503 Communications with the UN Human Rights Commision

The Growing Food Crisis
Multinationals and Hunger: Multinationals Make Billions In Profit Out of Growing Global Food Crisis

Vetting Military Aid to Human Rights Abusing Countries
Letter To UN on West Papua Human Rights Situation
Military Sales: End Use Montioring
Better human rights reviews for SE Asia security programs
Thailand Human Rights Report for 2007

Convention On the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide
UNOHCHR Genocide Convention - Full Site
Convention on Genocide
The Child Rights Convention
Civil and Political Rights
The Draft Declaration on Indigenous Rights
Hill Tribe Evictions
Hilltribe Terrorized by Thai Policy
Human Rights and Extreme Poverty
The ILO 169
International Treaty Between the Indigenous and NGO's
Refugees in Thailand - Amnesty
The Rights of Indigenous Populations
The Widespread Use of Torture in Thailand - Amnesty 2002
The Canadian Indian Genocide
Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Institutionalised Torture, Extrajudicial Killings & Uneven Application of Law in Thailand
Christians Wink at Torture

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