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Gather Information For Us

There are many mission boarding homes in Thailand which have taken Akha children from their families and villages. These children are packaged as orphans and advertised to donors in this fashion. This is done to raise money, and it does, take a look at the compounds, they raise an enormous amount of money. But it is dishonest and it is harmful to the Akha children to seperate them from their families and identity.

Many of these organizations are always looking for volunteers to help them look after their captive children, while they do other things like spend the money.

And that is where you may come in. Because if you are a volunteer in one of these missions and you don't like what you are seeing, and you don't agree with it, you can provide us with details that can be used in exposing what is happening to these children.

You can provide this crucial information to protect the rights of the Akha and especially Akha children. Your information can help us expose human rights abuses. Your information can help us show where Akha children are being hid, where they are being taken away from their villages, and what conditions they are being made to live under.

There are other areas and topics we need information on as well.

We need information on Akha prisoners, on forced relocations, on extra-judicial killings.

Do you know of mission activity in Laos? or China? in Akha villages?

Take pictures of mission compounds, "orphanages", mission trucks, and of course, missionaries themselves.

All information treated in a confidential manner.

Your assistance can help us break the yoke of oppression that is placed on the Akha people by governments, agencies and mission organizations.

You can help us gather important information. They know we are here, they know we are looking, they know we are finding out about what they are doing, they know that the next camera or video camera that they look into could be YOURS.

Mission Boarding Schools
Other Boarding Schools
Forced relocations
Land Seizures
Extra-judicial killings
Guest houses that supply girls
Human Trafficking

And any other human rights abuse.

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