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The Faces of Hooh Yoh

Meet the people of Hooh Yoh Village
The government takes the land of Hooh Yoh, thinking the Akha are less than human. Claiming to help them. We have seen this so many times. We don't believe them, and we think the Akha are good friends, plenty human enough.

In years of work with the Akha we see more than dusty roads, dry fields, mud, clusters of huts in the verdant jungle, we see faces, lined with care, without a voice, not asking for much, wanting to be left alone, working to keep their culture, their language and their hope alive.

Hooh Yoh is no exception. A village whose old people remember their fathers being in Thailand 75 years before them, the years way before Khun Sa, before anyone but hilltribe were in these mountains.
Now they wonder what to do while the army and Thai government trifle with their land, their hope, the future for their children.

Akha women discuss the days events, the loss of land, and question what they will feed their children?

The Army is in the village on a daily basis.
The Akha are given little room to speak.

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