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Hooh Yoh Village
Thai Government Seizes ALL the Land of Hooh Yoh Akha
Hooh Yoh Village Cluster Looses All of its Land to a Royal Project - 8500 Rai
No Free, Prior and Informed Consent!

Total Lack Of Human Rights For Akha People In Feudal Thailand

Thai Forestry Department Causes Human Rights Disaster At Hooh Yoh Akha, Chiangrai.
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Queen's Project Tries to justify taking the land!


The village of Hooh Yoh (Three villages together) has had all their land taken by the Thai government in the last months of 2003.

250 families, 1019 people. All told to take a hike, that they could live out there in the mountains with no land to farm, no food, their own tough luck.

People at the project site tell us that this is a special project, but can not give us a name, or contact for a senior government official.

Maejo University from Chiangmai is also involved in this heist.

We don't think this situation is correct.

Not after 30 plus years at that location, long before there were even any Thais there, before there was a road.

Taking this land was decided without any permission or consultation of the villagers. Now the villagers are afraid to go out and farm. Eight villagers were arrested and fined $400 to get out of jail. Two of the women spent 15 days in jail while 8 months plus pregnant. One gave birth the day immediately after her release.

Now the same eight villagers are told by the Chiangrai Forestry Chief and Mr. Hoh Nah Gkay Gkah that they must pay $4000 more apiece or go back to jail, for farming near their homes.

They were told they have ten days left in which to pay.

Contact us with questions.

Please write to your nearest Thai embassy and complain, ask for an explanation in writing how it is legal to take the land of Hooh Yoh without due process?

You can mail and email government officials, your MP or Congressman and demand that these land seizures stop!

Hooh Yoh Akha village is in Ampur Mae Faluang, Chiangrai province of north Thailand.

Join the Hooh Yoh Peace Camp and help us protect the land of the Akha people and bring attention to the world that NO ONE can take Akha land and impoverish them any more.

After 2274 murders and all the praise from the US Government that violence pays, the Thai government thinks they can do anything they continue to ignore human rights.

Come to the village, water and food can be arranged locally. You will be helping teach english to Akha activists and monitoring all non Akha traffic in and out of this village. If you can raise funds to help pay for banners and other advertising, this will help.

There will be a house in the village for you to stay at.

You MUST have a passport with you at ALL times and a VALID visa.

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