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Forced Relocations

We place at the top of this section, a document regarding Hitler's forced relocation of the Jews, placing them in settlements (focal point villages?)and the reasoning behind covering up the extermination of a people by removing it from public view. We think that this reflects events that are happening to the Akha which are being perpetrated by people who consider themselves somewhat better than a Nazi.

In some cases these are big pdf files and may take some time to load.

Hooh Yoh Land Theft in Violation of Thai Law - Activist Contact Data for the Queen
Nazi Resettlements of Jews
Resettlement in Long District pdf
Resettlement Slide Show pdf
Report, Food Situaiton in Long District Post Resettlement pdf - This study clearly shows the trauma that the Akha are experiencing in this district.
UNDP Report on Relocations in Laos pdf
Resettlement Part 1
Resettlement Part 2

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