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Family in Exile in Laos 2005-2006

Life in Exile
Children Forced Into Poverty. Rep. Darlene Hooley (OR) Remains Silent
Who are the faceless COWARDS in The State Department who tagged our visa? Who sat in on the deportation? What is your name? Are you without a soul? Will time's scourge find you with fury?

Jan 2006.
Second visa application (fiance this time) was filed in Nov. Two months later the check has NOT been cashed and there is no reply from USCIS. Maybe they think they are doing us a favor, the world's biggest democracy? Actually, to bring one's wife to one's home country is a God given right, not something that belongs to USCIS.

In April of 2004 the US Govt. pressured the Thai government to deport an American Akha activist from Thailand. Matthew McDaniel had complained of US Drug War policy that led to the brutal extra-judicial murders of many Akha people by Thai Security Forces. The US DEA called the drug war a "success".

US Embassy officials knew that he was being seperated from his small children and Akha wife who lived in a remote Akha village in Thailand. His wife was pregnant at the time and had to take care to the new baby on her own. Most of his possesions were either sold or looted. Matthew McDaniel lived in Thailand helping the Akha for more than 13 years.

Chief players in the deportation and aftermath were Eric S. Rubin, the US Consul in Chiangmai, John F. Aloia, Emily Fisher and ex-Ambassador Daryl Johnson.

Emily Fisher was at the US Embassy Bangkok in 2004. She is married to a person named Justin. She was very deceitful, and lied to us every step of the way. The Thai Govt. did not want to send us back to the States, so the US Embassy conceived a complex plot to separate us, with no good cause or reason, completely against democratic procedure so that Drug War killings and Mission removals of Akha children could go on uncontested. These people think they are above the law and can do anything including ruining peoples' lives. Emily Fisher and other staff at the US Embassy in Bangkok were no less than viscious. Emily is now in Bagota. You can see her at the links below.

Emily Fisher has a life, and she has a journal, and you can see that they enjoy life on line. But they don't mind destroying other lives, that is why they got to get moved all the time, from country to country.
Emily Fisher Journal
Emily Fisher Journal also
Emily Fisher In odd morning light
Email Her

"The US Embassy in Thailand did everything they could to destroy our family, we will never forget it or those involved. Their actions were abhorrent contradictions to everything Americans believe in. The children were abandoned by the deportation, the US Embassy and Consul in Chiangmai didn't care wether they lived or died. John F. Aloia ignored or held up our paperwork at every chance."

"US Immigration (USCIS) is used to punish people who oppose US Policy that hurts the lives of people in other countries. So we get no visa for my wife, even though we have legal right to it. "

Application for a visa for his wife was delayed without explanation for more than seven months and then denied, saying that they weren't "married" even though they had witness statements and have numerous children together.

As a result of the family strain, in July, 2005 he left the US and his wife and family left Thailand, meeting up after more than one year seperation and traveling in exile outside both of their home countries.

Without a visa, the family can not return to the US or to Thailand. The children are forced to be seperated from their relatives on both sides of the family or would have to live without one or the other of their parents. The youngest son is now one year old. They travel from place to place, doing their best to continue to assist the traditional Akha people. They have no formal source of income.

If you have ANY information regarding this case, or the people from the US Embassy and Consul named above, please send it to

In May, 2006 we got Michu's visa and left Laos for the US where we arrived in New York and Michu presented the Akha case in Thailand at the Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues.

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