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Video Downloads (Akha Daily Video)

There are many Akha Daily Videos on the Videos Page. Feel free to send us a comment at akhalife at

Video Downloads

Audio Interview Downloads

"Missionaries Try To Destroy Our Cuture" mp3 audio

Akha New Testament 260 Audio Files - Average 2-3meg per file mp3

Akha Music

Introduction - Mp3

Ah Dauh Beh Urh - Mp3

Ah Nyeeh Gah Ah Doh - Mp3

Ah Surh Ah Wurh - Mp3

Oh Meeh Dtah Oh - Mp3

Surh Leeh Ah Luuh - Mp3

An Akha Traditional Song on Video .wmv 1.7 meg

Akha News
Akha News 1 pdf

Akha Flyers and Handouts
Any of these flyers can be "localized" for your region with name, phone, email and address of a contact person.

Akha Information Pamphlet pdf

Akha Alert 1 (PDF)

Akha Alert 2 (PDF)

Akha Alert 3 (PDF)

Akha Alert 4 (PDF)

Akha Alert 5 pdf

Akha Alert 6 pdf (Can Be Localized)

Tiny 4 Flyers Pdf

Akha Alert 7 Oregon pdf Pdf

Akha Alert 8 Salem Alliance pdf

Akha Alert 9 Salem Alliance pdf

Akha Alert 10 YWAM pdf

Akha Alert 11 Ride for Freedom pdf

Akha Alert 12 10,000 Nets For Laos pdf

Akha Alert 13 Our arrival by horseback in Wash. DC 2010 pdf

Akha Alert 14 Akha Ride For Freedom Color pdf

Akha Alert 15 New York City pdf

Akha Alert 16 literature 2 page pdf


Human Rights Handbook - PDF

Orphanages by USAID - PDF

Akha Language Books

English to Akha Handbook (PDF)

Akha Reader

Akha Reader Part 1 of 9 pdf Format

Akha Reader Part 2 pdf Format

Akha Reader part 3 pdf Format

Akha Reader part 4 pdf Format

Akha Reader Part 5 pdf Format

Akha Reader Part 6 pdf Format

Akha Reader Part 7 pdf Format

Akha Reader Part 8 pdf Format

Akha Reader part 9 (end) pdf format

Akha Journal of the Golden Triangle

Journal 1a (PDF)

Journal 1b (PDF)

Soon available for sale at

Akha Journal 2 Part 1 (PDF)

Akha Journal 2 part 2 (PDF)

Akha Journal 2 Part 3 (PDF)

Akha Journal 2 Part 4 (PDF)

Akha Journal 2 Part 5 (PDF)

Akha Journal 2 part 6 (PDF)

Akha Journal 2 part 7 (PDF)

Akha Journal 2 Part 8 (PDF)

Akha Journal 2 part 9 (PDF)

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