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David A. Feingold

What does it take for us to make a special section for one person on our website?

Usually it is the result of someone doing many things that hurt the Akha or FAILING to do things when it is in their power and mandate to help the Akha. Reality is that these are mostly combined, that if one will do the one, they will do the other.

So in the case of David A. Feingold, who has some connection with UNESCO which he states that he does not get paid for, he not only fails to enforce and develop the mandate of UNESCO related to the Akha, but he also willingly makes alliances with people who are bent on destroying the Akha, as are other people in his office. Now maybe they do it out of butt ugly ignorance, but we hardly think this in the case of Mr. Feingold. He is too smart for that, he does it out of being able to gain advantage. He doesn't push and shove to get a better job, or to get his name on his own web page, or on his own movie. He pushes and shoves the Akha into hell. The UNESCO Eco Tourism Project (Nam Tha) knowingly exploits the Akha in north Laos in a time of social economic upheaval that will see many of them for victims of trafficking and crime, the very thing he is supposed to be working to prevent. Recent commentary by Eisel Mazard comments on this situation. Tourism and ngo sexual abuse in the Akha communities as shall we put it, "sexually softening up" the hill peoples....for what ever happens to their women next, and men.

While David A. Feingold can claim what he does, we know what he does and what he does not do, which he has never said that we are wrong about. He has never claimed that the tourism project does not exist. He has never complained that the mission alliance on the UNESCO website is not with missionaries listed there, he has never complained that he DID build capacity and network with the traditional Akha of Thailand.

We think that David A. Feingold treats the Akha like his own personal group of Palestinians.

While David A. Feingold is said to have made a movie "Trading Women" about the Akha and prostitution, we do in fact see that he sells it on for $29.95, basically making money off their prostitution himself. It would be one thing if David was all out about protecting the Akha, but he is not. While he claims to oppose opium eradication and such, he in fact has very few public papers which would put his stand on stage, in defense of the Akha. And possibly gain him criticism from his cronies. The Bangkok set. Further, we note that the damage being done to the Akha by promoting missions at UNESCO on the website regarding the Akha, and the UNESCO Eco Tourism project that exploits the Akha in Luang Namtha District of Laos, is much greater than any voyeuristic benefit that might enlighten the masses about how Akha women are abused.

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Another link, for the unaware, you would think this guy was an expert on the Akha, if you didn't know what else he was and was not doing.

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