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Code of Ethics

1. We commit that all information on our website, is accurate to the best of our knowledge, even if incomplete. We commit to correct errors quickly.

2. We commit that we will oppose any organization, government, agency or individual who brings harm to the Akha people be it in their professional work or privately.

3. We commit that we will make PUBLIC as soon as possible the names and activities of said organizations and individuals.

4. We commit that we will make public as soon as possible the results of any of our own investigations into human rights abuses.

5. We commit that we will make public the content of reports or articles from agencies or individuals as soon as physically possible. We believe that secrecy and cowardice is responsible for many situations the Akha face NOT being exposed. When individuals have witnessed these events, and fail to report or publicize them, the situations continu. We ask them how long they plan to wait? Some plan to wait for ever.

6. We commit to work tirelessly to protect Akha human rights.

7. We commit to spend all donor money as wisely as possible.

8. We commit to direct funds as extensively as possible to the Akha community.

9. We commit to help others work to protect Akha human rights.

10. We commit to fight for the land of Hooh Yoh Akha.

11. We commit to put an end to the removal of Akha children from Akha villages.

12. We commit to remember the Akha in prison or who have been trafficked.

13. We commit to help any Akha anywhere regardless of their religious faith.

14. We commit to help the Akha and respond any time they ask us for assistance.

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