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Bugs - The Last War

There is nothing that will connect you so surely to an understanding of the life of the Akha as to the close relationship they have with the bug life of the forest they live in. An artwork beyond imagination.

The greatest threat to this life is western pesticides and herbicides, killing the village friends. The last war on the planet, because when all the buts are gone, so will all the people.

In every aspect of Akha life you will find bugs.

Ants of every kind invading the house, crossing the trail, walking on leaves.

Beatles, industrious ones.

Bees, leaving honey behind them.

Termites, bait for hunting.

Moths at every light, going to sleep on the wall, to leave a pastel panorama of shape, camoflage and design more fascinating than any artist could imagine for you to look at when you get up in the morning.

Praying mantis egg pods.

The list goes on.

We hope to show a lot of this world to you in these pages.


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