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Chilhowie Revisited
99% of all the cops we run into are great people. Some are a bit zealous, but the Chilhowie Cops are outstanding at what they do. They really impress visitors.

Someone sent us pictures of the City Manager Bill Boswell. Thought you'd like to see what all the fuss was about down there. Bill the Bully, and his buddy, Rick the Prick. We call it the Bill and Rick Show on Youtube.

Apparently Bill Boswell runs that place. Cut the water off to the Post Office, pulled quite a few stunts. Seems the people of Chilhowie don't know how to get rid of a few bad apples. We enjoyed the Methodist Church, but didn't enjoy the Baptist Church because we dealt with too many Baptist missionaries and their games in Thailand. People like Paul White Lewis who sterilized a bunch of Akha women and did his best to destroy the culture of the Akha people. DAPA.

A lot of people keep writing us from this town. Hope they get the place fixed, but don't ride through there on a horse. As one guy said to me in the cafe where I am typing this, "I can't believe a guy could be that much of an asshole." Oh, believe me he works at it. And the town makes excuses for him

Now if you want to have a cop shine a flashlight into your face, Chilhowie is the place. There was that Chilhowie case about a cop, a 17 year old, and "penetration with a foreign object". No, it was two cops, something about the King of Sodom, and where they shoved that flashlight when having sex with the 17 year old. Yeah, Chilhowie ain't exactly the place to take a stroll. Try to make it out of town before the other drunk cops run you over. Pic of Rick Roman.

Channel 7 Roanoke, Virginia and Numerous Newspapers Cover Ride for Freedom
The Roanoke Ch. 7 did a story, Salem Times Newspaper and the Roanoke Weekly. Not sure the name of that one.
Ch. 7 Roaoke, Virginia Story on Ride for Freedom

Missionaries Stealing Kids: Haiti and Rotary's CGT Thailand
These are the same, "I didn't know" stories that the missionaries in Thailand tell when they take thousands of Akha children to residential schools. Who is there to see if they get away with it again and again and again? Rotary buys into these lies and promotes them at CGT.
Missioanries tell lies

Kristi Halvorson Rotary 5100 Gov. Promotes Akha Children Removals
Kristi Halvorson, who originally brought David Stevenson to Rotary 5100 via Lake No Negro, the Lake Oswego Kruse Way Rotary, located in Oregon, has a consturction company named Halvorson-Mason. Obviously she knows about having paper on land before you build on it. But land rights for the Akha and keeping them in their villages in cozy little huts doesn't mean much to her at all. That is why she promotes David Stevenson taking away Akha children and institutionalizing them. Former Rotary Gov. Jenkins said that David assured him the children were ABANDONED which is an outright lie. But these are just details. Even though Rotary Intl. pulled the project off their website, it keeps popping up like a floating coffin under the leadership of Kristi Halvorson.

Well, we made a video just for Kristi on
Kristi Halvorson Kruse Way Rotary 5100

Rotary was never interested in our opinion or facts as to why taking away Akha children and institutionalizing them is a very bad idea.

Americans missionaries arrested taking children out of Haiti
Joseph Guyler Delva
Sat Jan 30, 2010 5:22pm EST
American's Arrested
PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) - Haitian police have arrested 10 U.S. citizens caught trying to take 33 children out of the earthquake-stricken country in a suspected illicit adoption scheme, authorities said on Saturday. The five men and five women were in custody in the capital, Port-au-Prince after their arrests on Friday night. There are fears that traffickers could try to exploit the chaos and turmoil following Haiti's January 12 earthquake quake to engage in illegal adoptions.

One of the suspects, who says she is leader of an Idaho-based charity called New Life Children's Refuge, denied they had done anything wrong. The suspects were detained at Malpasse, Haiti's main border crossing with the Dominican Republic, after Haitian police conducted a routine search of their vehicle. Authorities said the Americans had no documents to prove they had cleared the adoption of the 33 children -- aged 2 months to 12 years -- through any embassy and no papers showing they were made orphans by the quake in the impoverished Caribbean country.

"This is totally illegal," said Yves Cristalin, Haiti's social affairs minister. "No children can leave Haiti without proper authorization and these people did not have that authorization." U.S. authorities could not be reached for immediate comment on the arrests. But Laura Sillsby from the Idaho group told Reuters from a jail cell at Haiti's Judicial Police headquarters, "We had permission from the Dominican Republic government to bring the children to an orphanage that we have there."

"We have a Baptist minister here (in Port-au-Prince) whose orphanage totally collapsed and he asked us to take the children to the orphanage in the Dominican Republic," Sillsby added. "I was going to come back here to do the paperwork," Sillsby said. "They accuse us of children trafficking. This is something I would never do. We were not trying to do something wrong." In addition to outright trafficking in children, authorities have voiced fears since the quake that legitimate aid groups may have flown earthquake orphans out of the country for adoption before efforts to find their parents had been exhausted. As a result, the Haitian government halted many types of adoptions earlier this month. There are no reliable estimates of the number of parentless and lost children at risk in Haiti's quake-shattered capital.

This event happens to the Akha children in Thailand all the time at the hands of Baptist missionaries, Australians like CGT and David Stevenson with help from people like Kristi Halvorson at the Lake Oswego Rotary.

Rotary Update: Funding the Removal of Akha Children
Jan. 25, 2010
Beach Rotary in Washington Funding CGT
People have asked us, if Rotary is just doing this out of ignorance? We say "NO". We have warned them very well, the gov. of Rotary NW knows about it, it also came out of Rotary Lake Oswego. Too big to fail. That is Rotary's attitude.

We should advise Rotary that when they go for round three and four, that our web pages stay up a very long time, and now its in our interest to show that this is very oddly systemic at Rotary, to fund this guy. This is drawing a lot of attention of people as to the nut jobs at Rotary. Our question to Rotary is, "do you think that our publicity of what you are doing could just possibly hurt your standing?" Maybe they should think about that.

You can do something. Kristi Halvorson is the current district Gov. of Rotary 5100. She knows very well about this scam, so why is Beach Rotary back in the game. A bit deliberate.
You can email her off this page:
Kristi Halvorson
Phone number: 503-636-0440
This is pretty deliberate that Rotary keeps doing this. CGT has just about ZERO transparency, only Rotary fails to realize this.

What makes it worse is that Kristi was the one who got this going in the first place for NW Rotary. We met her at the Salem Conference center and she would not even talk to us or answer any of our questions. NOW THAT IS TRANSPARENCY Kristi.

Kristi Halvorson of Kruseway Rotary in Lake Oswego.
See link to the events at that time here:
Kristi Halvorson Lake Oswego Champions Removing Akha Children

Please see the video link below.
Day 326 Rotary 5100 Funds Akha Child Removals After Being Warned

Raw video of Child labor occurring at CGT:
Akha at the Crossroads video at CGT courtesy White Tara Productions.

Rotary is intentionally funding CGT (Children of the Golden Triangle which has removed hundreds of Akha children, after having been informed as to the damage they were causing, and after admitting that David Stevenson could not account for tens of thousands of dollars given to him. Volunteers on site at CGT noted what funding WAS going to CGT, and it was to make David and Asa rich, not to put meat in the soup. Asa admitted that they had bought a resort in Mae Suai with the money. Further, removing children from their families does harm that Rotary pledges they will not do, something we can't much believe in now. Rotary had ample warning and information as to what was going on, back when this photo appeared on the Rotarian magazine. Gov. of Rotary NW told me he was assured the children were all abandoned. They are not. He knows that now, but funding goes forward. Please tell me what motivated Rotary to continue to fund an outfit that removes indigenous children? What motivates numerous men to keep going to Thailand to "visit" this outfit and continue promoting this within Rotary?

Rotary District 5100 Lies, Say They Stopped Funding CGT but They Continue (Oregon Wash)
Jan. 2010
Rotary lied to us, said they stopped funding David Stevenson and Children of the Golden Triangle. But Lake Oswego Rotary or who ever continued to get funding for this scumbag.
Rotary 5100 Funds CGT STILL
Rotary Australia Continues Funding CGT

So Rotary International can assume now that we will take no prisoners on this issue. What a scumbag organization, funding a man who has taken away hundreds of Akha children from their families, claiming they are abandoned. And that old SOB who is the gov. of Rotary NW can expect to hear from us.

Stewart Martin is the contact on this blog.

But the People of Marion, Virginia ARE Fantastic!
Yes, we survived our one raunchy city in the US. Town, Village, what ever you want to call it and now got on to Marion where the Mayor met me and WELCOMED us to his town. Very impressive. Took the time to stop on the road and talk, David Helms. Thanks, we appreciate that so much!

The rains are back. Lots of rain.

We'd also like to thank the people who came out last night and helped us after we got kicked out of Chilhowie.

Bill Boswell Chilhowie City Manager - Where Did You People FIND This Guy?
Jan. 23, 2010
In 324 days of traveling across America we never met such an inhuman sort as the city manager of Chilhowie, Virginia. Extremely rude and offensive. To say nothing that we have never met anything close to this from a public official. Someone told us that we could keep our horse at the local park, at one end, no one would mind. When we got back the police were there, we asked if there was any problem. We said we could move him if need be. The city manager came down and acted extremely obnoxious. When I asked him if there was some other place in town where I could keep the horse in a field, he said "No". "And you can't keep your bus here either." So we put the bus at MacDonalds and moved the horse out of town in the dark. I told him, I don't know anyone in this town and this is the introduction you gave me."

He identified himself as Bill Boswell. We think he's going to enjoy the video for Day 324 because we have a whole lot to say about the City Manager. As well, he gets his own web page too. We would make sure that no one else stepped on this "land mine" like we did. Someone comes to your town, is polite and friendly, and you shit all over them. Thanks.

Bristol Herald Courier Carries Nice Akha Story
Jan 22, 2010
The local paper came out and carried a very nice lengthy article on the Akha, which helps us get the word out there. We'd like to thank them for that.
Man Rides to Support Indigenous Group

Australians and Aboriginal Akha Chidlren
Jan. 22, 2010
After a number of calls the Australian Embassy doesn't seem to have a problem that David Stevenson of CGT (Children of the Golden Triangle), has taken 500 Akha children under dubious circumstances. Maybe taking indigenous children away is just the Australian thing to do? But we think the Australians are going to find the baggage associated with Australian David Stevenson more than they bargained for as we approach Wash. DC. David Stevenson has set up a fake orphanage in Thailand called CGT but was unable to show Rotary International where all their money was going. Rotary pulled their support without bothering to comment on the problems involved with taking away children and saying they are orphans when they are not. Rotary Australia continues to support the project.
Children of the Golden Triangle Website

Bristol, Virginia
Jan. 21, 2010
We took yesterday off hoping the weather would break but it didn't, no sooner saddled up this morning than a cold windy rain picked up and followed us across the Virginia state line into Bristol, Virginia. Lots of friendly people, and we are really glad to be on our final two stretches of this journey, to Wash. DC and to the UN at New York. We are in need of a couple things. One, our phone is turned off because we spent so much on propaner during the two weeks of freezing weather in Tennessee. Secondly, we need to pick up a finished batch of business cards to have to hand out to people because we ran out. We passed out more than 2,000 on this trip already.

We'd greatly appreciate if you can be a donor to the last 35 days of the Ride for Freedom. We hope to make the most of this to pass the story of the Akha people. Today is day 322. Our route is to Roanoke, Lynchburg, Charlottesville and DC. then up to Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

Closing in on the Virginia State Line
Jan. 16, 2010
Hey, if you can help us get our phone turned back on we would sure thank you.

We are a couple days from Virginia, and headed for DC. Two weeks after that we will be in NY. Been a long trip, and there is a whole long way to go still, but we can see the beginning of the end of this year long Ride for Freedom. Thanks to all of you who helped, some over and over. We are all doing well, healthy, growing, seeing everything around us, passing the Akha story, getting it in papers and on TV when we can.

Cox Wright: America's Supermarket
Jan 14, 2010
When I was a kid, I went to the grocery store to get food with my mother. The grocer knew us, and there was fruit marked down that cost a dime or a nickel and we could get one each some days. My mother knew what the bargains were. But a supermarket was not just for selling food, it was for feeding people. The grocer went home and ate dinner with his wife and kids, just like Rick at Cox Wright's Grocery in Rutledge, Tennessee. They were friendly, not because line three on page ten of the corporate procedure book told them to smile or be friendly like Walmart or Starbucks. But because that is how they are. Rick took time off from being manager and took me back to Blaine where I was parked across from the IGA grocery there. He is a third generation grocer in the Knoxville area. If America is going to remember what it means to be American, its going to have go back to a time when more people were like Rick and Cox Wright grocery. Wall street, the banks, the insurance companies but we still remember what it was that made America great when we were kids.

Somewhere in America we still found a bit of America that was just like it has always been, good hearted, generous and a smile that's been there all their life.

Bethel, Tennessee: Out of Diesel
Snows and ice, days of cold, long rides in temperatures that don't always get above 20 degrees during the day, we make our way towards Virginia and Wash. DC. But we are out of diesel. We need a couple hundred more dollars of diesel to make it to New York, but now we are just plain out. Thanks for anything you can donate via the PayPal link.

Paul and Lori Vernon Get a New Video
Paul and Lori, and the won't tell you the truth about what is happening to the Akha and how they are destroying Akha culture. Here are a few notes on their website and activities in Thailand.

Paul and Lori Vernon Get a New Akha Slave
These White Missionaries Needed a Maid
Dec. 29, 2009
For those of you who have known us for a long time you know we are extremely opposed to what the missionaries are doing to the Akha with their neo-colonialism and neo-slavery, well funded by the American church, making an effort to totally destroy their identity and culture. Paul and Lori Vernon of the Vernon Journal are a classic example of how this works. Lori who's maiden name is Crouch is from Salem, Oregon. Her father is a land developer in Salem, so she knows a little bit about the fact that you don't build a house on land you don't have paper for. The village they live in, the Akha don't own one acre of it, its owned by the mission, and after the Akha moved there, Paul and Lori sat in for total elimination of their culture, burning of cultural items in the middle of the village. People wonder how missionaries got cooked in the soup. This is how they got there.

Now to get to the website you have to type that into your browser because you can't get there off of this website which exposes what these missionaries are up to.

Well, here is a picture of Esther their new Akha slave. Now at they go to some length to explain how a mother of ONE and her husband are SO busy that they need a maid now and want you to pay for it? And a disciple slave at that, coop the other Akha villagers, one captive Akha to convince them that this might be their great escape from human rights abuses and poverty.

For those of you who haven't been reading this website for a while, and aren't caught up on the issues, its like this. The missionaries go to Thailand and take on the Akha who suffer under extreme poverty and human rights abuses. The Thai govt. is busy taking their land along with the Queen of Thailand, a case the UN just made comment about. The missionaries go in and take their children away, don't inform the parents that they are making a profit off the children, and then the missions tell the churches the children are abandoned, abused or orphans, which in fact is very seldom the case. But makes a great cash generating story line.

There are scores of missions doing this, so you see how well it works. The number of children involved is in the thousands at any one given time. The problem is so bad that the Thais are having to close Thai schools in Akha villages because there are not enough children left in the village. The Akha children are made to be ashamed of their culture, seperated from their language and forced to convert. The US Embassy isn't going to do shit about it. UNICEF needs to get to work. The missions treat the Akha worse than animals, and if they WERE animals, animal rights laws would offer them more protection than they have now.

Church people don't mind, maybe in part by being dyed in the wool white racists themselves, but often because it doesn't matter what you do to people to get converts. Once done, too bad.

While the missions bring in millions of dollars so that they can live the good life helping the poor Akha, they say little to nothing about human rights abuses, you'd be lucky to even find the term on their websites. If something isn't done to address these very basic inequities, nothing is going to get better. But human rights are for white missionaries, not poor brown tribal people.

Dear Paul and Lori:
Akha people are not a sideshow or here for your entertainment, Akha traditional clothing is for Akhas, if you want to wear micky mouse ears, go to Disneyland. So get those traditional Akha clothes off your baby, because no traditional Akha woman has a maid. Your a lousy mother anyway, because a decent mother would not deprive Akha children from being raised by their own mothers like an Akha. You get to raise your child Abi with YOUR belief system, that you would never let anyone else interfere with, yet you are denying the Akha women in your captive village that very same right. Is this your Akha pavillion at disneyland?

Christmas in Murfreesboro, Tennessee
A couple days off in Murfreesboro, Tennessee at Zach Mills house, the kids all having a good time for Christmas and his birthday.
Day 297 Church

Glad to be in Tennessee
We are now in Tennessee, just one more long state to go after Tennessee and we will be very close to New York.
The winter is here with temperatures in the 20's at night, we can expect worse as we move into January and February until spring breaks, but we keep moving now. The UNPFII is in April, so we have to keep a move on it.

You can help. We need diesel and propane, we two extra propane tanks due to the difficulty in finding propane when we need it and the temperatures dropping here quickly now.

Tennessee is friendly, and we look forward to our trip east across the state.

The Queen of Thailand should return the land of the Akha people and missionaries should stop taking away Akha children. These are two of our top campaign issues.

Thank you for your support.
The links below can be found also at Youtube as we get this all loaded.


The US Should Normalize Relations With Burma
Nov. 12, 2009
In order to improve conditions in Burma the US gov't should drop sanctions and establish trade and various exchanges. The more exchanges are increased, the more influence one can expect to have for the good of all. Cold war relations didn't work well before and they won't work well now.

Dumas, Arkansas
Nov. 12, 2009
Flooding in Arkansas has destroyed a lot of crops. We saw entire fields of soybeans under water or surrounded by mud yesterday on our way to Dumas, Arkansas. Expect higher food prices. These farmers, many will be completely destroyed by this years flooding. They will get no "GM" style bailout but its about YOUR FOOD.

Cotton is being harvested late, lucky they are able to get in the fields at all.

Gold prices are skyrocketing. Americans should not consider that their food supply is secure, let alone guaranteed.

Monticello, Arkansas
Nov. 9, 2009
We are a couple days from crossing the Arkansas river and a few days after that the Mississippi river into Mississippi and up into Tennessee at Memphis. We plan to stop by Graceland on the south side of Memphis before heading east towards Knoxville. Soon we will be under 1000 miles left to ride, roughly three months.

Fall is turning to winter. The forest and skies are going a bit dark, the leaves are on the ground, the small animals are tucking away in their dens for the winter.

I thought it interesting if not tragic that cluster munitions are made in Camden, Arkansas, so I found a link I thought might cast some light on the issue.
US Cluster Munitions
Sales of the Camden made ATACMS to Turkey
Total number of bomblets in US inventory is 728,527,689. Go figure.

Here are the links to our latest movies that you can download. This site has currently been boosted to 45 gigabyte to accommodate all of the videos.

El Dorado, Arkansas
Updates to this website, particularly movies, have been slow because its so hard to find a fast server or a server of any kind for uploading videos.

Last night, Nov. 3, I got stopped three times in El Dorado, Arkansas by the police. The last time was five cars, officers said someone called in and said they saw me walking out from the back of a pawn shop with a saddle. Yeah, right.

From here to Memphis, Knoxville, Roanoke, DC and NY.

Please support the last miles of this trip, now at 1350. We'll be happy when that is less than 1,000.

At least ten videos to upload, they get loaded to the site first usually.

The Drug Double Standard
Well, actually there are quite a few double standards on the drug issue as they have affected the Akha. In Laos, Costa would not tolerate any opium being grown, course there was no substitution crop in place when the opium was cut and little now, and a lot of Akha died. But look what has happened during the same time in Afghan under US and Nato "supervision". A major pipeline of heroin has opened up to Russia. Sort of like running drugs into the Hood, as people brought into question years ago in the US. Run heroin into the "enemy" country. With thousands of troops they "couldn't stop the opium" in Afghanistan, yet with nearly no troops they insisted it be stopped in Laos. So who is making all the black ops money from this trade now?
UN: Afghan Opium Is Top Killer

Day 231 Mt. Pleasant, Texas
The weather has turned cold, we had a storm a couple days ago, 3-4 inches in one night, the ground sodden. Now we are in Mt. Pleasant, maybe an article in the paper here, Mt. Pleasant Daily Tribune. In a kind of way was a bit strange, cops showed up about an hour later asking lots of questions, etc. The reporter showed up out of no where, seemed like she was having a real rough day. I hope it gets better.

The roads we take and the towns we pass through show a lot of closed businesses, and enough run down empty houses. Small communities usually DON"T have wifi and I think this hurts them, because it means that the young people, a lot of people don't have a way to log on to the net in these communities, which would be an asset in holding them together.

Each time I get a ride back to the bus I tell the story of the Akha people. If you know anyone interested in the Ride for Freedom, to write about it, pass word along.

This week I contacted George Bush's office, thanks to a phone number from the Secret Service, and will be sending him a copy of the 2nd Akha Journal, Cry Freedom, about his and Thaksin Shinawatra's Drug War in Thailand during 2003 and beyond. 2274 people were killed in 90 days by means of extra-judicial killings, no chance to appeal or clear their name. The army later reported that at least half of those killed had no connection to the drug trade at all.

We have about 1400 miles left direct to New York, 1800 if we take a warmer weather detour via Mississippi. We'll see when we get across Arkansas.

People have been very supportive, but due to weather we hand out less flyers along the way, just business cards mainly. Hampton and all the kids are doing well. Here is a list of what our needs are:
1. Food
2. Diesel
3. Grain and hay for Hampton (he eats about 20 lbs of grain per day)
4. Insurance, web fees, repairs, oil, telephone etc.
If you can make a donation towards any of these at PayPal it is very appreciated. We expect anywhere from 4-6 months left to travel.

Day 231 Mt. Pleasant>
Day 230 Mt. Vernon
Day 229 Sulphur Springs
Day 228 Point
Day 227 Greenville
Day 226 Map

Day 2 At George Bush's House and Greenville, Texas
We did a second day of picket at George Bush's house and all the SS came out to talk to us and inspect us. Hampton got his mug shot taken. SS was a bit surprised that a real human would show up and complain about all the dead Akha killed in the Bush Drug War. Amazing how that works, people die, they die on HIS WATCH, and then someone shows up to make their case.

Then we ride on east, into the fall, on the back slope of this journey.
Day 225 Greenville
Day 224 Wylie
Day 223 George Bush SS
Day 222 Drug War
Day 221 Akha Women Talk
Day 220 Bus Maintenance
Day 219 Hitchhiking

Donations for Diesel Needed
We are in need of donations to cover diesel costs, grain, this website, and a bit of food and coming up an oil change for the bus. If you can help out, even $5, please make a donation via the PayPal link above.

Movie Catch Up
The following movies have now been added to this site, you can download them from here to keep and replay, or stream them from the site.

Dallas and George Bush House Picket
We rode from Hudson Oaks to Fort Worth and on thru the night in the rain (five inches) to Dallas where we arrived at 11 AM.

At Dealey Plaza, we took a look at the scene where they executed JFK. The entire location is very small. JFK was basically shot at point blank range. Players in this assasination are no doubt still alive and probably still close to government. Few intelligent people would still believe that Oswald was responsible for all the shots fired, if any at all, and at best a patsy for powerful men bent on a coup. But what is more obvious is that the government has been lying about this day for decades, lies by very powerful people in very powerful agencies. A fool would believe that Oswald did what happened here. Most likely several people, not necessarily aware of each other, were sent to shoot at JFK that day. The government involvement in the case gives us a government no one can trust, now one of the more dangerous entities on the planet.

From here we pass through down town and head north to George Bush's street and gate in north Dallas, where we hand out cards in hope of being able to speak with Mr. Bush about the drug war in Thailand, and the Akha who died in this war.

Day 218 Dallas and George Bush
Day 217 Fort Worth
Day 216 Police State USA
Day 215 Hudson Oaks
Day 214 Mineral Wells
Day 213 Palo Pinto
Day 212 Breckenridge
Day 211 Horseshoes
Day 210 Hubbard Creek
Day 209 Albany
Day 208 Anson
Day 207 Anson
Day 206 Roby Jail
Day 205 Roby
Day 204 Snyder
Day 203 Lloyd J. Andrews
Day 202 Pig Hunt
Day 201 Snyder
Day 200 Snyder
Day 199 Justiceburg
Day 198 Post
Day 197 Post
Day 196 Post
Day 195 Tahoka
Day 194 Tahoka
Day 193 Akha Songs
Day 192 Queen and Missions
Day 191 Brownfield
Day 190 Brownfield
Day 189 Plains
Day 188 Stateline
Day 187 Tatum
Day 186 Tatum
Day 185 Caprock
Day 184 LE Ranch
Day 183 John F. Kennedy
Day 182 Walmart
Day 181 Roswell Tony Lama

Birth Control Vaccine Patent
Vaccine Patent for Birch Conrol Vaccine

Other Patents for this Vaccine

This explains the reasons why Thai health clinics demanded Akha women have THREE Tetanus Toxoid Vaccinations during pregnancy, resulting in spontaneous miscarriages that we documented.

Ride for Freedom in Dallas, Texas
We rode east into Ft. Worth amidst hot and humid weather. As we crossed the area just south of downtown, the wind turned cold and hard. By evening it began to rain and rain hard, all through the night, buffetting us as we headed for downtown Dallas. We pressed hard, getting to downtown Dallas by 11Am, more than sixty miles in 24 hours in miserable weather. The only part of us that wasn't soaked was the phone and the camera, wrapped in a plastic bag.

In Downtown Dallas we were picked up by Ch. 8 news, yet to see that segment.

From downtown I got picks of the place where the thugs murdered our President JFK and our country. I was surprised at how small the location was, it was like shooting someone at point blank range, the grassy knoll, the bridge, the roadside drain. There was no hope of escape on that day.

Heading north from the groups of people eager to pet Hampton, I took up position across the road from former President George Bush's lane. Lots of people stopped by to see that. I handed out business cards and told people why I was there.

At one point one of the residents of the lane stopped, came over and met me, and said that he would deliver my message to George Bush.

1. Did he know who the Akha were?
2. Did he know that during the US supported drug war in Thailand many Akha were murdered by Thai police and army under the guise of the Drug war?
3. Did he know that none of those security forces were ever placed on a US required vetting list at the US Embassy in Bangkok?

I was promised I would hear back and thanked the man for an offer of a place to stay for Hampton. Very friendly the people of Dallas.

From there I rode further north as dark dropped in on us, and headed for the home of one of the few Akha women married to an American in the US. Time for the family, the horse, to take a break.

Letter of Allegation Against Thai Royal Project at UN Level
There are quite a few people who wonder if it ever happened, a "Letter of Allegation" to the Thai government about the Queen of Thailand taking the land of the Akha people. Originally it was slated to happen in Sept. 2007 but being a confidential communication it didn't end up on paper for the public to see until 2008. You can look at it in this link:
Letter of Allegation Queen of Thailand

And here is the Text:
"State of the World's Minorities and Indigenous Peoples 2009 - Thailand"
"In August 2008 the UN Special Rapporteur highlighted the case of the Akha indigenous people in Chiangrai province, whose land was allegedly seized in 2003 as a result of the Highland Development Station Project. The objective of the station was purportedly to serve as a 'centre of knowledge on agriculture for the hill tribe people'. The Akha claim that the project has left them with only a few small plots around the village, and they have lost their traditional livelihoods. The land seizure was reportedly accompanied by widespread harassment of Akha villagers by members of the military and forestry personnel. Villagers say they were not consulted, nor did they consent to the project, and they have not yet been compensated for their loss. The government has so far not responded to the concerns raised by the Special Rapporteur."

For those of you who don't know, the "Highland Development Station Project" is actually the Queen's Royal Project, and can bee seen at its official site here:
Highland Agricultural Development Station

Taking all the Akha land of Hooh Yoh and Pah Nmm Akha is called "Royal Compassion for Hill Tribe" on the above site. Well the Queen has gotten caught at it.

We will continue to press this issue at the UN.

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