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Akha Blog Page One

Jan 2006
This is the first page of this blog, more recent blog archives comes after this in subsequent pages.

More News Than We Can Report
There has been such a flurry of activity for Michu Wurh Zurh at the UN it has been quite hard to keep up just following her around and arranging all her meetings. She has met with Menchu, Winona La Duke, Special Rapporteur Stavenhagen, and a score of other Human Rights dignitaries. We will be catching up the photos and news reports of her activities once the UNPFII is over.

Michu Wurh Zurh Presenting Akha Case to United Nations
Mich Wurh Zurh is bringing the Akha case to the United Nations. Land Rights, extra-judicial killings, removal of Akha children by missionaries, Identification Cards, rights to due process, all cases that she will be presenting to the Asian Caucus and the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, the ranks of the Indigenous swelling year by year, requesting that their rights be protected by existing international laws and treaties.
Joining with her will be numerous members of the international Indigenous community, to protect Akha human rights.

UNESCO Being Charged with Neglect of Akha People, Collusion with Missionaries
A public accusation will be made of UNESCO's unwillingness to protect traditional Akha culture and their collusion with missionary organizations such as New Life Foundation in Thailand, previously associated with the American Baptist Missionary Paul W. Lewis who was involved in missionizing of the Akha and sterilization of Akha women.
A public explanation of UNESCO refusal to assist the Akha people and cooperation with anti Akha missionaries will be requested.

Rape of Akha Women by Norwegian Church Aid and Action Contre Le Faim Aid workers brought before the PFII.
The cases of the rape of Akha girls by aid workers is being brought before the Permanent Forum. Indigenous leaders have joined with the Akha to denounce the abuse and to demand investigation by UNICEF, CEDAW and other UN agencies.
Suits against NCA and ACF are being investigated.

Michu Wurh Zurh Reaches the US Shores with her Family
Michu Wurh Zurh from northern Thailand was finally issued her US Fiance Visa and arrived on May 8th at JFK international airport in New York City.
She immediately proceeded to the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues where she became a member of the Asian Indigenous Woman's Caucus.
First on the agenda was the issue of missionary removal of Akha children from their families, culture and language. Keep watching this site.

Ajay's Akha Outreach Missionizing in Laos
In Laos, Luang Namtha Province, one can readily see the missionaries come and go out of town, and noteably Akha Outreach Foundation run by Ajay and friends from Thailand. In Xieng Kok, Meuang Long District numbers of Ajay's missionizers were in the Akha village of Bpoh Sai Mai, looking for a new marketing area for destroying Akha culture, as they have done in Thailand.

Friends Who Have Rights
Advocating for the rights of Akha people. How strange a concept, that the Akha should be manning the staff lines at NGO's who work solely in their villages. But they are not, save for a few. How strange that Akha women should make up half the staff, but they do not. How strange that western people who pass laws should know who they have affected or caused to die, but they do not. How strange that Akha should be forced to provide food and young girls to NGO staff, and the NGO's claim they don't know? How strange that the Akha staff, if there are any, are the bottom paid, are not allowed to take upper positions, upper salaries, upper training, though the NGO's work predominantly in their villages. How strange that the Akha are made to be the ones who pack the cement. Yet the Akha speak multiple languages, know what is going on in the villages, and the NGO's can do nothing in the villages without them. How odd that NGO's have no western person who can speak Akha working on their staff or consulting their agencies on how to prevent abuse in policy design and in staff behavior. How strange that NGO's didn't keep mortality statistics for how many Akha have died in the villages that they are intimately involved in. How strange that of all the Akha, while the NGO's got millions of dollars, no one asked the Akha what they think or what was being done to them. The Akha would have told someone, if someone had asked.

UNODC Antonio Maria Costa Gets Second Four Year Term
As the UNODC becomes a World Police Force, UNODC's Antonio Maria Costa, better known as the "Architect of Death" for his role in the drug war against the Akha, lauded his role in "changing peoples' lives" and globalizing UNODC's policing activities."
"I am grateful to the Secretary-General for the confidence he has expressed in my work and the importance he attaches to UNODC's efforts to make the world safer from drugs, crime and terrorism," Mr Costa said.
Outlining his plans for his second term, the Executive Director said he wanted to ensure that UNODC's work in helping countries to combat crime and terrorism reaches the same level of effectiveness as its activities in the field of illegal drugs.
Just a little bit arrogant? Costa says: "Our research, policy analysis and technical assistance programmes on illegal drugs are recognised as the best in the world. Policymakers everywhere rely on UNODC. In the next four years, I aim to deliver equally authoritative support for the efforts of Member States against the uncivil acts of crime and terrorism." No mention is made of all the dead people as a result of opium eradication apart from saying: "I want our work to have an impact on people's lives."
Yeah,Costa, it did, and many of them are dead as a result of your policies and actions. You are a war criminal, and you should be tried as such.

Thai PM Steps Down
The master of the bloody slaughter of Thai citizens in the Drug War including many hill tribe people, has stepped down in disgrace only come too slowly to this human butcher. May he live long enough to have criminal charges brought against him for his role in the extra judicial murders of thousands of Thai and Thai Hill Tribe peoples.

Good Friends
In four different countries the Akha face different conditions, different laws, economies and environments. But the culture and language is mostly the same, things held common. A close relationship with the enviornment as the only object one knows, the texture, sound, life and weather. Hot, cold, wet, soil, water, trees, birds, thickets, fish and rice.
Surrounded by nature and the essence of all it means to be human without deception, without mask, to look life directly in the face and carry on year after year, generation after generation. Language, land, culture, traditions, what it means to be alive and pass it on to their kids who go into the future when they are gone.
Life in soft colors and tones, subtle all around, browns and black and coins and wood, bamboo and the dark wood floor, poor maybe, but homes that breathe justs like the people who live in them, open to all the murmuring of the nature all around them, not too much in a hurry to be in all those places at once, life careful in that it moves like poetry.
Full of songs that tell the story.
The earth will be here.
Good Friends

Antonio Maria Costa Brutally Says: "Societies have the drug problems they deserve."
ENCOD, An activist group fighting for Harm Reduction Policies rather than Criminalization, protests at the Drup Policy meetings in Vienna.

Antonio Maria Costa:
"We know they are dying, we are helping to alleviate their poverty. We have started a new plan, called 'The Plan To Stop Eating'. The Akha should be grateful."

Vienna 2006 Commission on Narcotic Drugs:
"UNODC Director Antonio Maria Costa: No mention of HIV/AIDS. UN Office on Drugs and Crime Director Antonio Maria Costa noted the successes of international drug control in limiting deaths associated with illicit drugs. Strikingly, he did not mention HIV/AIDS. He urged European governments to increase pressure to reduce demand for drugs, and warned that societies have the drug problems they deserve."

Maybe some societies have the drug problems that Antonio Maria Costa and the UNODC forced on them, did he ever think of that?

We can't fathom what Costa is talking about. What about all the deaths from ERADICATION? A few thousand die of starvation and disease, wake up to the needle, HIV epidemic looms, but "Drugs Have Been Eradicated"? What madness is this? Costa needs to redo his math on "Limiting Deaths". Easy for him to say in his cozy office.
Encod Attends Vienna Conference

The Drug War has been used to militarize Indigenous lands around the world at a time of massive globalization of natural resources. Nation States could not have asked for greater help from the Human Rights banner waving western governments than this. Under the light of Drug War, they got police equipment, military equipment, roads, infrastructure, huge cash and a blind eye to what ever they did to the people living in the so called "drug areas".

UNODC Antonio Maria Costa Involved in Gun Scandal:
UN rebukes drugs chief over gun gift
By Mark Turner at the United Nations and Jimmy Burns in London
Published: March 22 2006 02:00 | Last updated: March 22 2006 02:00

Antonio Maria Costa, head of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, has earned a rebuke from the UN after failing to tell Kofi Annan, UN secretary-general, that he accepted a free handgun from an Austrian arms manufacturer.

Mr Costa assumed the post in 2002 with pledges to restore the agency's credibility after a scandal involving his predecessor, and his job is up for renewal in May. He accepted the gift after a visit in 2003 to Glock's premises near Vienna. UNODC sources say the issue has been allowed to surface amid long-running tensions with the US over the direction of international policies for dealing with illicit drugs.

Double Standards and Human Rights Reports
Human Rights reports are useful. The details provided in the recent US Human rights reports can benefit many. The comments regarding the hill tribe (which were totally missing last year) are many, and reflect EXACTLY the situation we were talking about for years. At least someone is paying some attention. But the report on Thailand does not comment about the removal of Akha children from their villages by American missionaries and the elimination of THEIR right to practice and be educated in their own religion. This leaves the impression that the reports are biased, omit much information in the areas reported on (like what US friends and allies are doing) and is in great contradiction to what the US Government itself is doing in the world.
No mention is made that much of the brutality, extra-judicial killings, starvation and disease were actually caused by the US funding of its own Drug War policies.
Correcting these deficiency will benefit all peoples.

Paul and Lori Crouch Vernon in Denver
Faith Church, Arvada, Colorado
Paul and Lori, we list them on this site because they work out of the area of Colorado where the Paul W. Lewis got his support and now those fundamentalists are supporting Paul and Lori Crouch Vernon. Lori is from Salem, Oregon. Paul and Lori have a website Paul and Lori's Blog where they brag about how proud they are to destroy Akha culture for Jesus. Maybe they will even learn some Akha along the way, how cute. These are your typical white missionaries, but sad when people so young, get roped in so willingly to ethnocide. Wiping out people's culture. Right now they are in Colorado, making presentations in the area.
Villagers tell us how Paul and Lori destroyed the Akha swing in their village, and how the missionaries take away the children. Paul and Lori's home page will tell you all the people who are working with them to do all of this.

Our Embassy Didn't Kill You, Neither Did Our NGO
Ah, amnesia, must be a wonderful thing. Hitler should have been so lucky. You make policy, you wipe out a few people, a few thousand people, and then you take your perks and get rotated. Rotated to somewhere else where no one will know your name, or all the children you killed as "acceptable cost" for opium eradication. Embassies, the buildings live on, the ants come and paint the walls, the technicians come and change the video tapes and bulbs, orders from on high, change all the people. Every four or five years. Only the soul of the Devil would seem to continue to live there, making sure that plenty of death and destruction continues to be delivered in timely fashion, at high cost, to those so unfortunate. Pretty amazing system, like running Auschwitz on auto pilot.

Now it isn't clear that the NGO's are any different. The people come, set policy, paid by the people in the embassies and agencies, so as to once remove the hand of death from its well fed origin, they take their fat salaries, drive their nice rigs, and then after five years give it up to go kill people some where else. Oh stop that, you make it sound so uncivilized, like Mae Lai or something. Sorry, I just thought that a few thousand dead, by any unjust means is still a few thousand dead? Excuse my ignorance. Was it the UNODC or was it the US Drug War, driving the rampage? Hard to guess, not sure if it even matters, the fact being that murder will out.

Crushing the lives of the witnesses, witnesses to the murder of the innocents, hiding behind the white hollow eyes of moral arrogance, caring little how long it takes, how much destruction, how many people's children pay the price, let us all be cursed, if there is no God who look down and scorn such impunity.

Delivering Mosquito Nets
An Akha woman, surviving the death all around. A few kilometers from an NGO, which insists that the Akha don't need and don't want mosquito nets. This is in complete contradiction to the facts, as the pictures illustrate, the Akha glad to receive any mosquito nets they can get. But it begs the question, how a western NGO, more than one, can offer so many excuses why they have mosquito nets for their staff but don't budget any for the very people their NGO is funded to help, when the national mandate is to reduce malaria and make sure everyone has a mosquito net? NGO staff give a host of excuses. But a five minute visit to an Akha village will convince you quickly that giving out nets is not what they do, and there is very little vissible aid of any other form. Yet the NGO budgets are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions. Meanwhile eco tours set up to these very SAME impoverished villages, all provide LODGES in the Akha villages and mosquito nets of course, for the tourists. Tourist were quoted as saying that they were actually told by the NGO western staff NOT to give mosquito nets to the Akha, that they would just sell them! We strongly disagree with this attitude.

Lest the dead be die in silence, Somebody aught to tell the truth.

Who paid the price for opium eradication in Laos?
While the west may think they eliminated opium in Laos, and while the publications glow with information about poverty reduction, the case on the ground for many people was said to have been much more tragic. Death by starvation and disease as a result of the western agenda may not be a small number, according to some sources.

Was the Man Who Ordered Martin Luther King Jr. Shot, at His Widow's Funeral?
Word has been going around concerning who ordered Martin Luther King Jr. shot, and was he at his widow's funeral? Food for thought.
Eco-Tourism: A Sense of Entitlement
What really bothers me about eco-tourism is the sense of entitlement that it brings with it, that tourists, white rich tourists, have the right, demand the right, to intrude into each and every community in the world, despite whom their home countries are busy exploiting or bombing, and demand to know about "their culture" take pictures, video, and tell all their well to do friends in the west, what a blast their three day trek to the Akha was. The holy right of consumption. Of all things, places, experiences. But in fact these people have little time or willingness to help the people they claim to go see. They could go there solely for that reason if they wanted, so its hardly fitting to say that by pumping a load of backpackers to an indigenous community, the indigeneous community, which gets little of the money, should be happy. Maybe, just maybe ONE tourist might gain enlightenment and decide to help them more than one day?
Ultimately, its about the money that can be made off intruding into these captive communities, all the opportunities to help them wasted by lazy greedy NGO's who ate the money that donors and donor governments gave to assist these people, now telling the people they can sell their soul one more time to get a part of the pie from tourists tramping through their villages to see how it is that tribal people have sex.
To have to admit that in reality, the backpackers are coming from a place of priveledge and entitlement to see the Akha while giving little back, without true Free, Prior and Informed Consent, would really ruffle a few white feathers.
Quote of the Week
"Nobody in the NGO's gives a damn about the Akha, they just care about the money and their egos."

The Slaves
At Maesai, at the place that was before Sompop's Daughter's Education Project (DEP) now there are kept many children, like a "safe house" that is not so safe, and many many of the children disappear, the people say, no one knows where the girls go who were "saved from bangkok" and brought back there, or by some missionaries swift order. Interpol said a whole lot of Sompop's girls disappeared to Japan, but no one would talk, and that was years ago, but the Akha said this also, so many girls disappearing, have legs like heroin, worth just as much money, but when did heroin walk by itself across a border? so Akha girls, are like heroin with legs.

The hundreds of girls that go through there so that "The Compound" can save them, where high Thai Officials are told to f--- off when they arrive to inspect, the girls disappear to never never land, saved from what? but sent to where? like in trafficking humans? The US Embassy people come there, they can get inside, they bring missionaries to get inside and photo the Akha girls in "distraught" fashion, best for the donors, best for the pictures, best to raise money, send your white kids for Jesus to the best Thai schools, build yourself big mansions for manifest destiny, talk always of "poor Akha" and bad burma, but no one knows where the girls go.

The roster says that this many number escaped, that they went like where? They escaped, but the place is like a prison, their parents even can not get in. Something is dirty filthy and rotten and lots of embassies are involved, but being UN didn't stop UN from trafficking women, from sex slaving them, from eating the apple, from stealing food for oil money. And it isn't stopping the slaving of these girls either, where a whole lot of dirty filthy scumming dogs get to go and play money games with the lives of Akha children. We watch you, we take your picture, we will follow you to the ends of the earth, and we will hang you name by name on the gallows we built for Haman on Google, there next to him.

This prison is located on land SW of the intersection with traffick light where you enter Maesai. To the right is a big wine bottle at that intersection. to the right is the road to Chiang Saen, to the left is the road, take this, find the driveway on left, turn there left again, and back in there is THE COMPOUND. American Embassy, missionaries, and other dogs have protected access there. Thai officials who want to know what is going on, don't. Hah, Thailand don't even run its own country.

More than 1000 Lahu Died, 2000 Akha Died
They died. More than a thousand Lahu. No one was there, nobody knew. The Akha died by the thousands. No one was there, nobody knew. White people made it happen. We know, and now you know. What, 20 Akha live in White people's countries, A 100 Akha? so how could this be, so where did they die, nobody saw it but who saw it? Their souls there do wander, but will there be reprisals, like at Munich? There should be. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. We will build them a gallows at Google and on it we will hang them.
Happy Rosetta
Ok, so they said we should repost to Rosetta, what we will do, hope it wasn't political. But it brings up an excellent analogy. All the cultural texts that we had posted there, are the work of non missionary people, who wanted free access to an easy to use exact script. The missionaries by contrast would have only their bible for any peoples, as the content of their language, while not burning their own public libraries of course.

Our Friends at UNESCO
We wanna know, why is UNESCO, the big bad boys of culture, funding the very missionaries who are destroying Akha culture?
If its not about religion, why did the Akha all show up with crosses?
What do the people at UNESCO get paid to sell the Akha down the river like this? Or maybe we should also ask, by whom do they get paid, the US, missionaries, the foxes themselves?
Yeah, this is what they are talking about when they talk about UN reform maybe?
Cause when we get back to New York.......
And oh, Feingold says he only gets paid a Dollar by UNESCO for those of you out there who know where he drinks.

Lay down and take this "education"
So there we were in Namtha. The people had all loaded their bags and gone to Thailand to get educated about HIV with New Life Foundation.
And there we were when they came back. I asked the girls, are you christian? No. NLF is VERY christian I said, HIV or no.
So then why you wearing all the crosses? as they tried hard to pull the necklaces to the back where the cross didn't show.
But they were there to learn and educate about HIV and teach it in Laos. The women loaded in trucks going to this and that place, the men brought other women back to the hotel where they worked very hard to educate them about the danger of HIV. Over and over again.
They had lots of money the men. Got it from Thailand.
Then we wondered about the girls they were educating in the rooms all around us at the guest house in Namtha. The condoms got swept out of the rooms by the hordes. So apparently the education was quite dramatic. But this was about anti trafficking too. So were they making sure to include that in the lessons they put to the girls? We weren't sure. Maybe the guys asked them, "So how did you end up here in this room?"
All paid for by UNESCO and the New Life Foundation of Thailand. A little humpin for the lord.

The Brits are at it again.
Word is that the Brits are sending in 3,300 troops to Afghanistan, joining the American drug war there, to keep the world from falling, to protect western young people from heroin, to keep the terrorists from winning, to stop opium.

Last I recall, not so long ago, the Brits, when it was expedient, were the world's biggest opium dealers. Now they want to join their UNODC and American friends in using it for reason to pour more troops into the mideast and make the world safe for both drugs and oil. As long as they own and control it.

The old money, the old British American alliance will do what they want in the world dressed up as what they want it to be, but they could save us their moralizing.

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