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The Spirit Woman Yawns - A Book For Gneeh Pah Moeuh Leh

A Book For Gneeh Pah Moeuh Leh

The Spirit Woman Yawns
A relocated Akha village near Fang.
Gneeh Pah Moeuh Leh I have known for many years. When I first met her in her upper mountain village, I remember how she yawned so much during her ceremonies. She was tying the string around the wrist of friend in a ceremony. Another man, who I always just call "Boeuh Maw", one of several I know, was partially drunk on the front porch of the hut, flashing me a gold tooth smile and talking on and on. Now Gneeh Pah Moeuh Leh and I are great friends. She travels to other villages, conducting healing ceremonies, taking care to her "flock".

A year before I came here to the village I call the "Teak Village". Because it is in a large lowland forest. I had gotten pictures with an the Akha Spirit Woman named Gneeh Pah Moeuh Leh.

So this time I brought her back the second Akha Journal so that she could have a copy and see her pictures.

She was touched by the process and I spent as much time in the village listening to problems and stories of daily struggle.

This village had a girl whose eye went bad and I paid for the surgery to remove it, but now she is growing up and needs donors to buy her a good glass eye. Currently she only has some kind of temporary plug put in by Chiangrai doctors since she didn't have money for a real glass eye. It is painful and weeps, prone to infection.

The villagers told me that a policeman had come and taken a field near the village that they farmed for corn, tore it all up, and planted orange trees, then fenced it with barbed wire and concrete posts.

The local government doesn't want any more oranges planted because of insecticide problem. However this out of the way village, the oranges were planted right next to the village. We can only guess who the policeman intends to "care" for the oranges as well.

The villagers also told me that they need about $800 in 2inch water pipe to bring water to the village. Now all they have is a small spring near to the village that is not adequate.

The village is Catholic, abandoned as are most christian villages. No ceremonies, and not much culture or self care left.


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