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Drug Detox in Laos

Detox in Laos

US Drug War Kills

As a result of US pressure the Akha are being pushed away from opium use.

The natural result, like we aren't stupid here, is that the drug methamphetamine is becoming more common.

Must we suspect their motives?

Here is a "detox house" and typical situation in the Maung Sing, Laos area.

Akha women say that when they could grow opium there was no problem, they had it for use, for sale and for trade.

Now western ideas create myth about this, saying that when they can not grow opium it has made life easier for the women who are now in poverty. ALL of the western consultant reports contradict this, saying that the forced shift away from opium has brought wide spred dependency and poverty. And the road through the region is not even finished yet.

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