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Akha Families in the United States

There are many Akha in the US. Only you didn't know that because the Akha were actually stolen by other people as small children from their families in Burma and then at the end of the war they were brought to the US as the children of another group of people. They grew up knowing or not knowing they were Akha. And if they knew or found out they never stopped thinking about where their parents are in Burma. There are quite a few of these cases now in the US, maybe as many as 200 Akha women. The State Department has little interest in finding out how this happened. Unfortunately, some Akha girls were still being brought in by some means as late as the mid 1980's and placed with families in the US. All illegal of course. Many Akha women have come forward to tell about their situation in the US.

Other than that there are only a few Akhas in the US, married to a few Americans.

Otherwise the Akha are regularly passed over when it comes to refugee programs that bring SE Asian families to the US. In one famous case two or more Akha families slipped into the US dressed up as Hmong families, while the US admin people at the Bangkok Embassy insisted no Akha at Wat Tom Krabok would be allowed into the US. No reason was given for this discrimination. Maybe the Akha weren't quite as willing to die and have their sons killed for the Americans in Laos, where the US Generals used the Hmong and Mien for cannon fodder.

One Akha Family

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