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Our work with the Akha people is to help protect their communities, and to deliver services as we ourselves would hope to have them.

We believe that understanding the needs of another is similar to understanding ones own needs as humanly universal.

Rather than take the children of Akha away from them based on flimsy justifications we would rather see the conditions addressed that would allow each Akha parent to be best able to provide for their own children such as we would want for ourselves.

We strongly disagree with those who build wealthy institutions on the backs of the Akha by taking their children away and then using those very children for "bait" to get funding for more and more western facilities, all far removed from the villages. Those very same institutions seldom address the lack of human rights the Akha experience.

Our efforts are village centered, Akha centered. In defense of culture, language, traditional knowledge, land, water and food security. Reduction of infant mortality, village breakup and depletion of the Akha community. Preventing exploitation for religious or other reasons. Promoting self sufficiency in villages that have been forced to relocate into severe conditions. Preventing the destruction of self sufficiency in long established villages.

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