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Some Achievements

Our work is spread over many subjects, a large land area, and many villages. We work steadily to accomplish goals and complete projects which meet the needs that are common to many Akha villages.

We have been able to increasingly bring to the attention of the world both the unique culture of the Akha as well as their human rights situation which leaves much to be desired.

There is much disinformation about the Akha that is propigated by ignorance and prejudice. We provide accurate information in order to correct these perceptions.

Wells, medical care, community centers, Akha language books and the establishment of a communications network within the Akha community continue to be our focus.

Water pipe from spring to village
Community Centers
First aid medicine and vitamins to the villages
English To Akha Handbook
Locating and Visiting more than 300 Akha villages in Thailand
Akha Language School
Akha Language Teacher Training
Preventing village relocations
Investigating cases of brutality, torture, death and disappearance.
Recording Akha events in video, photography audio.
Production of the Akha Way video, currently showing on National Geographic Channel
Production of "When The Wind Blew" Italian TV RAI, video about the life and times of the Akha people
Documentary Israel TV
Documentary Singapore TV
Documentary Italy Independent TV

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