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Four Countries of the Akha Overview 2006
The Akha of Laos
Malaria a Big Problem

Volunteer Doctor Needed for Northern Laos - Myanmar - One Year Committment
There are 60,000 Akha in Laos. Traditional Akha culture is in tact, villages are generally unmolested by missionaries, the Akha have land rights, ID cards, can obtain a passport.

Assisting Laos with Medical Aid
Promoting Malaria Reduction

Volunteers and Donors Join To Deliver 73 Mosquito Nets To Needy Akha Villagers

Mosquito Nets
Village #One 73 Nets $240 (Delivered)
Village #Two 35 nets $122 Still Needed

Approximately $10,000 would supply mosquito nets to all the villagers in the Muang Sing area.

1. An Akha patient at the Muang Sing Hospital
Muang Sing. One of the most beautiful places in northern Laos, economically abandoned after the "War on Drugs", struggles to survive and rebuild its economy. Not without malaria, the first obvious consideration is the hospital, and medical care for villagers, including mosquito nets.

2. The local doctor struggles with limited buildings, working areas and shortage of funds. Here is the interior of the emergency room, a tiny place, difficult for both patient and doctor.

3. Basically two wooden shed like buildings low to the ground, and one concrete office make up the Muang Sing Hospital. There is no sign of an ambulance or dental area. Serious funding aid is needed to bring assistance to the medical staff of Muang Sing and the local population. Bombed to dust in the Vietnam War, the effects can still be felt in what remains of this town.

There didn't seem to be much of a bed facility. We found one bed outside under a tree, a woman lying there with the IV bottle hanging from a branch. The ground area was not built up to elevate the buildings above moisture. One date of 2003 had been set for a new hospital from Japan, but as of 2005 there was no sign of it. A nurse told us that maybe there might be one by 2008.

From visits to the local villages it was clear that the Akha and other groups needed greater medical assistance to cope with the elimination of the opium and in some cases relocations. All stress factors on the villages. With so little food visible in the villages a milk and nutrition program would be in order.

Rubber has taken root in the region, but it will be a matter of years before a significant first crop is seen.

80% of the population of the Muang Sing area is Akha. However none of the NGO people speak Akha, and there are no Akha senior staff.

Missions and NGO's are quick to speak for the Akha, what they want, what they need, while what they DON'T have is obvious. And while what the NGO's and Missions HAVE is equally obvious.

The needs of the Akha are not being met in the simplest ways, while people claim to have been helping the Akha in the worst effected regions for years, themselves quite comfortable, and with a mosquito net of course.

If you travel to the region, please buy mosquito nets for the Akha villagers, as some of the villages are accessible from the main road. Do your part to assist the Akha people in this region.

Akha impoverished by the US Drug War, villages missing scores of children who died in the last years, few have mosquito nets, malaria fever is rampant, one can not find a shred of food.

Hundreds of Akha have died and continue to die. Meanwhile US missions claim to be the saviours of the Akha whom their own government is killing. The Akha are often the poorest of the poor, yet they have few traditional advocates. Missionaries make fortunes and have a good life style living off these people.

"Sleeper Missionaries" from Thailand have connections in Laos. Send us an email, we can give you the details.

These are crucial days for the Akha of Laos, as economics is about to change in this region, exploitation by outside carpet baggers will increase, and the Akha will be under greater pressure.

The Akha of Thailand
Peace and Justice Center

Join the Resistance - Fight US Mission Colonization and Hegemony in Thailand

Approximately 70,000 Akha reside in Thailand. 320 or more villages. The Akha have the least rights in Thailand of any country, suffer the greatest level of abuse, imprisonment and destruction of culture by US missionaries.
Protect the Akha Peace and Justice Center
The Akha Peace and Justice Center, set up in 2004 (after the slaughter of the 2003 Drug War) to protect Akha villages in the regions of Chaingrai Province, has been a steady destination for western volunteers seeking to assist the Akha people with direct action to protect their human rights. You can visit the center and assist the villagers. Bpah Mah Hahn and Pah Nmm Villages, Ampur Mae Fah Luang, Chiangrai Province! Write us for details.

We call on all supporters of the Akha to protest in the strongest terms to the nearest Thai Embassy.
Your Assistance and Action Will Help the Akha People.
List of Thai Embassies and Consuls World Wide.
List of Thai Consuls and Embassies World Wide
If any of the Thai Cosul or Embassy addresses bounce then go to another embassy or look also on this page:
Full List of Thai Government Sites
Contact Your MP and Embassy HERE!
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The Akha of Myanmar

We do not support boycotts of Myanmar.
There are 200,000 Akha in Myanmar, most residing in Eastern Shan State with the central town of Keng Tung.
The Akha in Myanmar enjoy a peaceful relationship with the government of Myanmar. They have equal access to education, ID cards, Passports if desired, and land rights. Despite endless journalistic prejudice against Myanmar, in fact, the bulk of human rights violations against the Akha in the most severe forms, occur in Thailand, a US ally and considered a "democratic" "tourist paradise".

Akha Clans in Myanmar are diverse and colorful, Ooh Loh, Loh Meeh and Pah Meeh Clans make up the three general categories, but there are many more clans than this.
The Pah Meeh village in Keng Tung has a lot of natural dying and weaving going on, and Keng Tung is also an excellent place for Akha head dress ornaments which are made by Shan craftsmen at several residences.
In December each year there is a large traditional festival near to the same time that the Catholic church holds its festival, though some years this is quite small. Despite the fact that the Catholic church is quite wealthy, little can be seen that changes from year to year in their aid to the Akha of Joseph village which is the rather captive village near the mission. Alcoholism and other problems plague this christian community, but there is no shortage of catholic church buildings and shrines in this community, probably the highest density of church structures in Myanmar.
Thailand exploits the Akha of Myanmar, imposing heavy prison fines for infractions, and sending many Akha prisoners far from the borders with Myanmar so that their families can not visit them. Often they die in prison in Thailand.
Thailand also exploits hundreds of Akha women from Myanmar in debt bondage in the frequent brothels of Thailand. One can find these brothels in any city or even small town, and frequently hill tribe girls from Myanmar are prisoners there. Without ID cards or advocates they are sexually exploited for years. Only the fortunate return home. These human rights violations which occur in Thailand are seldom talked about. Western men can readily be seen with hill tribe women in Thailand, many of them from Myanmar. Myanmar makes every effort to keep young women from traveling to Thailand where they can become trapped in this work.

The Akha of China number about 230,000 according to residents in that region of Yunnan Province. Of diverse Clan and Dialect makeup, the Akha of China are said to have the most secure situation as far as rights, land and social economic status.

Western Missionaries ARE NOT allowed to run free in China, except where they are using "creative access country" tactics which these governments are increasingly on the look out for.
In Laos, Myanmar and China, organizations with a heavy mission mandate and network use programs such as HIV education to make the contacts they need to continue to push destructive mission agendas. Mission agendas have free reign in that country called Thailand.
New Life Foundation and Grace Project are two such organizations.
Some Thais claim Thailand is occupied by US Banks and Military establishments. We do not believe that Thais are actually in control of Thailand.
[The Akha Rice Harvest.]

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